3 Amazing Benefits of Google Documents Many Don’t Know

3 Benefit of Google DocumentsAre you part of a corporate organization and you need to share documents across platform. Or you are just an individual who wants to secure your data on a cloud server for free? Whichever of these you belong, Google Documents has a gift you should be benefiting from right now.

A lot of folks have heard of or seen Google documents, but only a handful are aware of the amazing benefits they could derived from utilizing the features in Google Document.

So many have not got the time to explore the capabilities. In this article we take a peep into the rich features of Google Documents and the many benefit they hold for every user. 

What is Google Documents?

Google docs are a collection of applications with which you can create documents like word docs, slides and spreadsheets. These documents can be stored online (cloud) on Google servers and can be edited from time to time at any location. And can be shared with chosen persons or shared publicly across the internet.

Below are some of the Amazing benefits of Google documents. 

Corporate communication and sharing between team members

One amazing benefit of Google document is the way it enhances corporate communication between members of an organization, team members and individuals who are seeking to share ideas through documenting. With Google documents, a single document can be viewed and modified by members of a team at different location while the original is left intact.

Automatic saving/backup on the go

With Google documents, you need not struggle to save edit, as documents automatically backup every edit and old versions are stored in revision history.

With Google Documents, devices & documents format barriers are removed

Using Google documents, removes barriers on devices & format, i.e., you can edit documents on a mobile phone, IPad or a Personal Computer, provided you have access to the internet on a browser.

Rich-security features are enabled

Google is well known for their rich security features, for instance, Gmail ranks high in safety when it comes to emailing. Given such antecedents, Google definitely will safeguard every document stored on it server and users are further given the right to control who sees or have access to their documents.

Zero or low cost

If you are using the basic services of Google documents, you pay zero cost for usage, and when you want more features, like a customized Email address, you pay $50 dollars per user for a whole year, that is value for your money. Actually I don’t think you can get it better anywhere else.

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