3 Reasons You Should Learn Microsoft PowerPoint Now

learn power point

I am sure you don’t want to learn your lessons the hard way as I did. During my Computer Appreciation classes, I never wanted to learn Microsoft PowerPoint; I felt there was no need for it, so I gave it less attention. Until this faithful day I was invited for a job interview. During the interview, everything went well as I was already dreaming of my first day at work. Things, however, turned sour when I was given a PowerPoint presentation to prepare. There and then I flopped, being that I had only fringe knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation then. That was how I lost my chance of working in an organization I had foremost dreamt of working with.

If you use a computer as a desktop publisher, or you are a public speaker or an IT personnel, it is certain that you will need to learn Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You may not see the need for it immediately as I did, but after reading this article, you will certainly have a rethink.

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to start Speaking with Authority

Every good teacher knows that a lesson taught with images is assimilated faster than the one taught without images. This is what Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is all about, converting your oral message to visual, audible and illustrative lessons. To be an effective public speaker, you will need to learn Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. That is why it is included in Desktop Appreciation. PowerPoint provides you the ability to communicate your message to your audience in graphics details they can easily relate with. 

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint  Presentation and Grow Wealth

If you are an employee, knowledge of PowerPoint presentation can place you ahead of your peers, depending on your place of work. If you are self-employed it promises a lot of income, as you can generate a lot of videos. Specifically, if you are a public speaker, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation can help you in a business presentation for those who run firms and it makes a good pick of a company secretary also. 

It’s fun making a digital photo album with PowerPoint Presentation

Away from work and income, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation can bring you a lot of fun when making a digital photo album, you can put together old photographs of yours, your friends and family and turn them into a digital video to watch on your TV, IPad, YouTube, etc.