3 Compelling Reasons why you need Google Documents

Not long ago, I wrote an article tiled 3 Amazing Benefits of Google Documents, where I talked about the importance of Google Documents. I realize I didn’t made talked about how you need Google documents and why. So in this article, I focus on who really should be using Google documents, why and how to start.

If you have data (information) that means a lot to you. Information like academic qualifications, Business proposal, Ideas crafted and some other documents that you so cherish and wish to protect then read on.

If you want to secure your data against home burglars, then you need Google documents.

Data is so valuable that some individuals and organization paid billions of dollars to secure such data in a Bank Vault or a special location heavily guarded.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a very good friend of mine. It was on a Monday morning, while I was preparing for work. I was however surprised because he should be at the office that morning. But alas he was not going to work that day. His house was burgled the previous day while he was in church. Too bad you say, really it was a sad news, he had called me up to make arrangement for a new laptop, the burglars took away his laptop with the backup drives. In the conversation he said something that made me think, here is what he said; .…they stole a lot of my properties, but certainly I will replace all of that, though it may take time. What I don’t know is, how I am ever going to recover the information on my laptop.” 

Later that day, we bought a new laptop, and I introduce him to Google Documents. If only he had used it earlier on, all his documents would have been safe, even with his laptop and backup hard drive gone. All he would have needed was his email address and password. Of course there is no way anyone can rob you of your email and password.

If you want to secure your data against Hard drive failure you need Google Documents

From corporate businessmen to students, and even petty traders, there is the need for security of data. Each of us has some little information we have gathered into data and we wish to keep secure forever. Some persons rely on flash drives, hard drives and paper (hard copy) to secure these data. Hard drives and flash drives can fail, and hard copies can be mislaid or damaged. Therefore cloud storage is the only way to securing data permanently and this is what Google documents offers.

Anyone who wants to access his data from any location at any time need Google Documents

Mr. Lukman man took a flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos for a business meeting. As he rushes to catch a cab to the venue of the meeting, he was accosted by hoodlums who took away his briefcase believing it was filled with money. In another scenario, a job seeker travelled to another city for a job interview. On his way, he had a minor car accident, although he was not harm, he however lost his travelling bag which contains the documents he needed for the interview. What will these two do?

They both need Google documents to face such scenarios and smile. With the click of a button, they both will get their documents on hand and proceed to complete the task ahead.

So you see how you need Google document now? Let’s get you started with using Google documents to avoid getting stranded when you need those documents the most.

Here is how to use Google Documents

Google  Documents is a cloud service by Google, there is a free version and a paid version. For every user of Gmail, i.e. each time you create a free Gmail account, you automatically get the free version of Google cloud services, which is about 15 gigabyte where you can store pictures, documents and email.

It is when you exhaust this 15gigs that you are required to pay for more storage space which is $50 per annum. The scenario is that most people don’t have enough data to finish up this 15gigs.

To use Google documents, you need to sign up for a free Gmail account, here, if you have one already, then login into your account here.

Once you are logged in,

need google documentsneed google documents need google documents 3

  1. Click the square box representing Google apps
  2. click more and select Docs
  3. You will arrive at the Google documents dashboard, where you can create and edit documents, slides and spreadsheets. (See Images)

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