5 Amazing Benefits of Google Email Service you need to know

google email service

google email serviceHave you heard of Google Email Services or gsuite? Google Email Service is different from the regular Gmail; Gmail is the free google email you get once you open a Gmail account. But Google Email Service or G-suite, allows you to create customized emails with your domain name.

Google email service is so amazing that if you are not using it, I strongly think your business or company is missing a out. With Google email service, a lot of features are at your fingertips.  Come to think of it, you paid only for email services and you get a host of other services all for free, that is really awesome.

Below are some of the mouthwatering services you get along with a Google Email Service account.

Customized Email Accounts

When you subscribed to Google gsuite, you generate a customized Email account. Unlike the free Emails accounts ([email protected] or [email protected] ), your Email now reads your domain .com.

For instance if my domain is sealedgegraphics.com my Email can be [email protected]

This adds uniqueness to your company and business, having your email at your brand name can help sell your brand faster than you know it. And this is all you pay Google for and the rest are all for free.

Free domain privacy is enabled with Google Email Service

When subscribing for a Google Email Service, you use your custom domain. If you purchase the domain via Google, you automatically get a free privacy protection enabled on such domain. This service cost up to $29 per year for most domain hosts, so you just saved a buck right? 

Groups of staff or members

Also  with your gsuite account, you can build a list of users, form groups, share documents across platform probably at different locations. The company or business profile can be assessed by all members/staff wherever they are at the company’s domain; it’s a kind of partial cloud services.

Manage App in one location with Google Email Service

Subscribing to Google Email Service, will allow you to manage more than one domain at one location and also manage a lot of Apps all in one Gsuite Account.

Free Company Site

You can also host your company website on the same Gsuite account.

So why not connect with gsuite today.

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