5 Favourite bloggers I think you should follow and why

Do you dream of a successful career as a blogger? If your answer is yes, then read on. Becoming a successful blogger is not a game of chance; rather it is a thing of practice, persistence and patience. One way you can shoot at the moon early in your blogging career is avoiding some costly mistakes, and the only way to achieve that is by learning from those who are ahead. There is a saying in Pidgin English which goes like this “follow who know road” meaning ‘learn from those who knows the right way’.  In this write-up, I bring you, my top favourite bloggers, I think you should follow and why.

Harsh Agrawal

favourite bloggers shoutm

First on my List of top favourite bloggers is Harsh Agrawal the brain behind Shout Me Loud and the shouter’s network.

 Why I think you should follow Harsh

Harsh Agrawal is an inspiring blogger with a wealth of experience, the most interesting part of him is the way he narrates the experience he has garnered for years close to a decade now. It doesn’t stop there, he goes on to present his monthly income report to inspire you, but let me warn you, don’t let the figures on the cheque blow your mind and you start looking for ways to make money without doing a thing close to what he has done, don’t forget he has put in years of work, so I will advise you to focus on the part he teaches you How to build a blog, WordPress Tutorial and Blogging tips only look at the income report with one eye closed though.

Syed Balkhi

favourite bloggers sayid

Next on my list of favourite bloggers is Syed Balkhi, of WP beginner.

If you run a self-hosted WordPress site and you have not had course to visit WP beginner, it implies you are a pro with WordPress or you have some Tech expert working on your site while you write only the content, which is what many Pro-Bloggers do, but for beginners who do not have that huge cash to flaunt, we do it the DIY way, that is where WP Beginner comes in, there is not a topic you will need help about on wordpress that you won’t get from WP Beginner, from installation to configuration, plugin installation, themes and general manipulations. WP Beginner is your one-stop shop for help with your WordPress site.

Darren Rowse

favourite bloggers darren

Meet Darren Rowse on my list of favourite bloggers

Darren is the architect behind Problogger. Problogger is dedicated to you as a blogger, it is the site to visit when you want tips on how to improve your blog, and there you will meet other bloggers whose stories will inspire you to go on knowing that you are not alone on your blogging journey.

Zac Johnson

favourite bloggers jon

Also on my list of favourite bloggers is Zac Johnson

Here is why I think you should Follow Zac

Zac is a professional blogger and legend, hen it comes to tips that will help you build a commercial hub around your blog, BloggingTips.Com is the right place to go, there Zac and his army of guest posters give you no dull moment.

Jon Morrow

favourite bloggers mo

Jon Morrow is last on my list of favourite bloggers, but he is by no means the least.

If you have not been to Smart Blogger before, I think now is the time to do so, and you will agree with me that Jon has a taste for creative writing. His unique style of writing will almost make you forget that you are blogging until you have gulped down the entire content, you won’t realize how long you’ve been reading. And the beautiful aspect of it all is that you find solutions to those nagging questions that brought you there, and you leave just like one who has just consulted a priest who has the cure for all his ailment.

Okay, these are my top favourite bloggers, I like to know yours and what you think about these guys, on the comment form below.