5 free online blogging tools that can impact your blog positively

keyword tool online blogging tools

Most startup bloggers are often constrained to spend as they have budgeted a limited amount to spend pending when they start generating income. Thus most time they find it difficult to pay for some services. Thanks to some of these services now offering a limited portion of their service free to encourage startup bloggers, in this write-up, I list 5 free online blogging tools that have been of great help to me in improving my blog.

Keyword tool: Free online blogging tools for keyword research

keyword tool online blogging toolsKeyword Tool is a free Software as a Service (SaaS) software that was launched in 2014. The free online blogging tool uses Google Autocomplete feature in combination with other search engines to generate long-tail keywords for any queried topics.

If you want to find keywords and related keywords for your site, Keyword Tool is the best tool out there for you to use, the beautiful aspect of it all is that Keyword tool free online blogging tools can give you a huge number of long-tail keywords at no cost.  Still struggling with which keywords are related to your site and how to know what people are searching for on Google, relax hit this link Keyword Tool.io sit back and surf through hundreds of keywords. The pro version of keyword tool provides you with advance information on keywords, like CPC rate, search volume and competitors.

Cloudflare CDN  Free online blogging tools can speed up and protect your site

cloudflare online blogging toolsCloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN), it also provides DDoS mitigation and Internet security services. Cloudflare offers a lot of paid services. But the free  Cloudflare offers a free CDN service which also comes with a free SSL encryption.

The average blogger is concerned about traffic to his/her website and to get traffic, every user wants to visit a site that opens up fast and gives them a guarantee of security besides the quality of content. If a website has good content yet takes a longer time to load, it definitely will get fewer views than the one that loads faster. Cloudflare becomes important in this regard, as it provides subscribers with free CDN services, and some level of protection. If you are not using Cloudflare, I can boldly say you are missing out, click here to start your Cloudflare experience now. Cloudflare is also available as a WordPress plugin.

Shareaholic free Online blogging tools make sharing and content promotion easy

shareaholic online blogging toolsShareaholic is a content marketing platform, it allows you to add social media sharing buttons to your site.  It is one free online blogging tools for many solutions as it also helps in your content promotion by allowing you to serve related content on your site.  Want more from Shareaholic? Then click Shareaholic. Also available as a WordPress plugin.

Plagiarism checker Online blogging tools

plag online blogging toolsAs a blogger, at times you pay people to generate content for you, have you ever imagine how embarrassing it could be if after uploading such content, you discovered it was dubbed from another website. Or the author has submitted same content to another site. This is where you need the plagiarism checker free online blogging tools, before you accept or update your blog with an article, ensure you do a plagiarism check to authenticate the uniqueness of such article. There are many online tools out there to help you check for duplicate content, but I recommend my favourite plagiarism checker by smallseotools

Online blogging tools – Nibble Site Checker

nibbler online blogging toolsNibbler has been around for some time, and nibbler is one online blogging tool I use very often to check my site. I like nibbler because it is unassuming; it does a check on your site and gives you details of how you can improve on it. Unlike other site checking websites, that will always want to arm-twist you to purchase one of their packages, nibbler is kind of selfless in its services.

I just shared with you my favourite free online blogging tools, like to know which tools you find intriguing as a blogger.

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