5 Graphic Design Fonts you should keep handy

futura graphic design font

As a graphics designer, one way you can stand out among your pairs is knowing when to apply a particular font. Graphic Design Fonts are the basic blocks of expressing your creativity in every design you make. Having knowledge of fonts that you can use in multiple instances or in a particular instance will go a long way in enhancing your designs. Below are some graphic design fonts frequently used by graphic designers.

Arial Graphic Design Fonts

arial graphic design fontsArial belongs to the sans-serif typeface group, it is well used in many graphic design application. It comes as the custom font in most software. It allows users to vary between the bold, italics, regular, medium font types. And it also has an extra bold type referred to as Arial-Black. Arial is a complete packed font, modeled after Helvetica.

Helvetica Graphic Design Fonts

helvetica graphic design fontsHelvetica is one font that has been around for many years, and many professionals find it handy in Graphic design fonts. As the saying goes, one man meat is another man’s poison, so also many argue that Helvetica is not well spaced. There seems to be some dislike for Helvetica because many people find it handy to use, many also think it has been overused and as such, it is no longer unique.

Futura Graphic Design Fonts

Futurafutura graphic design fonts is a geometric sans-serif typeface it used most times in large visuals, logos, corporate designs and books with small text. Futura comprises of Futura BdCn BT , Futura MdCn BT, Futura LtCn BT , Futura XBlkCnlt BT, Futura Bd BT, Futura Md BT and a host of others. You will find this font useful as you continue to design.

Trajan Graphic Design Fonts

trajan graphic design fontsTrajan is an old style serif typeface, named after the Roman emperor Trajan (53 AD-117AD). It is popularly seen on Hollywood movie posters. Trajan is one of the first typefaces originally displayed by Adobe.


bodoni graphic design fontsBodoni is a serif typeface designed by Giambattista Bodoni. The font is renowned for headlines, logos, and decorative text. It has a narrow connecting lines. Bodoni typeface has an obvious difference between its thick and thin strokes.

Others beautiful graphic design fonts you might want to explore are Gillsans, Trebuchet MS, Gothic, Cambra and Times New Roman.

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