5 Online Business Tools that can help grow your Online Business

online business tools

online business toolsDo you wish to earn income online? Or are you yearning for growth in your online business and you are stuck not knowing which online business tool can help your growth? Yeah most people do, they employ the wrong online business tools and skills resulting in poor growth or the total collapse of the business. Below are some online business tools that can help grow your online business and how you should use them effectively.

Facebook, Facebook Page & Facebook Groups

Facebook is one Social Media that serves as online business tool, although it started has a medium for friends to connect and chat. Facebook has since developed into a big Online Business Tool. With Facebook, you can connect, share, market and showcase your business with the entire globe.

To use Facebook effectively, as one of your online business tools, start by creating a Facebook profile at www.facebook.com, edit your profile to show your interest, and your true identity. Then start connecting with friends, afterwards search for groups that matches your interest, join and participate actively in group discussions, keep your timeline busy talking (posting) regularly on ideas you want to be known for, by so doing, your create and engage an audience.

As soon as you can, move on to create a Facebook Page to establish your brand, then invite friends to like your page. Take note however, that your page will get attention only when it has good content, else you will be ignored. There are no limitations to the things you can do on Facebook. You can also create a group for your brand as well. And when you are ready to spill some cash, you can go for Facebook advert to promote your page or website on Facebook.

Google is a household name with many online business tools

Many people are yet to come to terms with the features Google offers as one big Online Business Tools, Google offers a lot of online business tools in one package called Google + and amazingly almost all these features are free, these includes.

  • Google profile – Gmail
  • Google my business
  • Google Blogger
  • Google Documents
  • Google hangouts
  • Google groups
  • Google Contacts
  • YouTube
  • Google drive
  • Google Play Store
  • Google AdWords
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps

And many more.

Online business tools from Google are so numerous that we can’t talk about them all in this write up. However we shall touch on a few briefly.

Google Profile – Gmail: Many people have a Gmail account, but only a few are aware that their Gmail account is much more than mail box. Be aware that creating a Gmail account gives you access to all the services listed above, hence your Gmail is your Google profile. You can use it to connect with friends, share and comments on updates and events. To access all the other services listed above, simply click on the square icon made up of smaller square boxes, beside your profile name at the top of your browser and select Google+ from the list.

Google my business: Also on the list is Google my business, this is a powerful online business tool that helps you place your business on Google map listing for the world to see. To get your business listed on Google my business, read: How I got my Business listed on Google Front Page. 

AdWords & AdSense: These Google online business tools, allow advertisers to advertise their business on the internet using Google AdWords. Google AdSense on the other hand is for publishers or website owners who allow Google to place AdWords adverts on their site for some amount payable by Google. For detail understanding see Understanding AdWords and AdSense.

Instagram online business tools

Whereas many users see Instagram as a place to upload their selfies, the platform actually offers much more, as it offers creative entrepreneurs the space to showcase their talents in pictorial forms.

LinkedIn’s Technical online business tools

Many youths are not conversant with LinkedIn, because it appears as a strict business platform, yeah it allows you to connect with co-workers and organizations that the represent your interest. It also allows you to create a company page. LinkedIn rank high among online business tools as it also provides you with a platform to try your writing ability if you wish to become a writer.

Twitter: Twitter is also a good online business tool, on twitter all you do is follow people and keep tweeting to get popular and people will follow you, once you have followers, every single tweet you make goes viral.