5 Reasons you should start Blogging with Google Blogger

blogging with google blogger

When I decblogging with google bloggerided to start my first blog, I was faced with this hard decision of how to start. I needed something that was flexible, something that will cost less or be free. I heard of WordPress, yeah WordPress was cool, but I learnt I could not monetize unless I host one by myself, which I could not do then. I visited IPage, the story was the same, I tried Wix site, it was a no way. And then I realized that Google blogger was a gift to beginners. If not for Google blogger I may never have been able to dive into blogging.

Google blogger is easy to understand

If you are new to the blogging world, you will find Google blogger very easy to understand, since it is written in CSS and XML. These web design packages has been on for years, there is hardly someone familiar with the internet that do not have a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS. Don’t worry if you don’t, they are easy to learn, just google Html & CSS Tutorial and you get a handful of PDF file to download and learn. Google blogger has a lot of customizable templates you can easily modify to get your site up and running. 

Google blogger services are free

Isn’t that great, that you can enjoy a free service and yet you are allowed to make profit from it when you monetize. WordPress might also be easy, but the drawback is you can’t monetize it’s free service. And not only that, they also put advertisement on your site. In others words, you are working for them, when using the free service. 

Google blogger is quite reliable

Blogging with Google blogger, can give you some assurance that you site will always be online, since it is on Google server. Also Google will have no problem finding your site, your site is also integrated into your Google accounts, with a host of other features, like Google Search Console,  Google analytics and Google my business.

 You can add your Custom Domain

When you start a blog on blogger, you get a site address like mysite.blogspot.com.  But if you want that to change to something like mysite.com. You will purchase a custom domain and connect your blogger to it and your BlogSpot  will now have a unique address that could be in your name or your brand name all of this hosted on Google servers for free. Isn’t that great?

 It very Easy to place AdSense Code on Google Blogger


With google blogger, placing AdSense code on your site is very simple when compared to other network like WordPress, IPage or Wix.