5 Top blog tracking tools for measuring your site viewership

Gigantic and elegant, the structures were alluring, design appeared heavenly, and mankind felt they have invented and eternal legacy to defile the oceans, although it was a classic piece, globally acclaimed as the first of its kind, yet it was the height of disaster to happen.

Large enough to accommodate a community of different folks, the rich aristocrats of it time and the poor peasants in their own compartment, it was a single ship yet could accommodate two communities.

No one could think it that such a giant masterpiece will soon become pieces of woods parted across the water with the rich aristocrats and the poor peasants to float equally upon, gasping for breath to live a little longer in the ice cold sea.

But why and how can such a giant level up at the bottom of the sea? That is my summary of the Titanic. Do you see your blog so gigantic like the Titanic or a little boat at the side of the ocean? Whichever way you view your blog, just remember, negligence and pride were the two things that lead to the fatal fate of the Titanic, to avoid a colossal crash like that of the Titanic, you will need these blog tracking tools to it keep your site going smoothly.

These top blog tracking tools can help you to track, monitor and understand your site traffic so that it will not hit the big ice. Measuring your site traffic comes on various fronts, depending on what you are looking at to improve on your site. These tools that can help you know and monitor your Site Stats,  Page Analysis,  Search engine ranking etc.

Google Analytics

blog tracking tools anaGoogle analytics is comprehensive blog tracking tools that can provide detail analysis of your site visitors. With Google Analytics, you can measure the number of visitors to your blog on a daily basis, how long they viewed your site and which particular item was of interest the most.


blog tracking tools statStat Counter is another blog tracking tools that gives you complete analysis of your site visitors. With Stat counter, you can get statistics on your unique visitors, first-time visitors and returning visitors. You also get stats on where your visitor came from, keyword activity and exit link. Stat counter is easy to read and understand, unlike Google Analytics. If you are having difficulty reading google analytics data, then stat counter is right for you.


blog tracking tools clickyAnother tool that you will find handy and easy to understand when it comes to measuring and understating your site stats and viewership is Clicky.

Unlike other blog tracking tools, Clicky is quite easy to use; the mobile interface is also very handy as it does not need flash components. Setting up Clicky is not different from the way you set up Google Analytics, you will need to add some code to your site. It comes with a free account which is limited to one site with Real-Time Analytics, View Individual Visitor Log, Customizable Tracking, Funnel/Path Analysis and you are allowed a daily page view of 3000, to get more features and daily views, go need to purchase the pro version.


blog tracking tools piwPiwik is another good and easy to comprehend analytics tool, the only difference is the installation process. Piwik is an open source, which you have to install on your own server just like WordPress, but the Piwik Cloud which does not require much effort from you but will require you making a payment before use. However, there is a detailed guide on how you can install Piwik on your server and enjoy the free service.


blog tracking tools guagesGauges is another good and affordable analytics tool for your blog site. You can easily install by adding the code to your site. Gauges seek to provide you with the most accurate date. The dashboard is simple and easy to understand which provides you with Real-Time Analytics. Guages is good for Mobile viewing because also.

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