Activate Your Online Income with Entrepreneur Blogging

entrepreneur blogging

entrepreneur bloggingDo you know that earning an extra six figure income every month from the internet is possible? I am certain you will disagree with that, just the way I did the first time I read something similar. I said it was a lie that these people are at it again trying to scam me. Years later it dawn on me that it is real.

Yes, I mean it is real, and now I am going to show you how you too can have that. Although there are many online strategies to earn income online, in this article our focus is on earnings from entrepreneur blogging.

What is blogging and who is a blogger

Blogging could be defined by many people is so different ways, but in the course of this write-up and for simple understanding, I will define blogging as online content marketing. Online because it is done on the internet and via a site also known as a blogsite.

Content marketing because an item is sold to the viewers or followers, this content is the tangible product. And the process of getting it to the users is called marketing, which involves a lot of techniques like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Campaign strategy.

What benefits does one get from entrepreneur blogging?

The benefits one gets from blogging are numerous, one can get famous from entrepreneur blogging, huge profit can accrue from blogging when you have a multitude of followers or subscribers. The list is endless. When you blog, you get exposed to the whole world via the internet (Worldwide Web).

Still wandering how you make income online? Ok I give you some detailed example. When you have a website, you place articles on it as the content, if your articles are good, people all over the world, will view and read them. The clarity and usefulness of your content (articles) will bring in more viewers, this is regarded as traffic, then you can convert that traffic to profit by placing adverts on the site and get paid by the advertising companies, this is called monetization. Monetization can also be in other forms anyway, not just by placing adverts. You get to learn that as time progresses; just to keep it simple for a beginner.

What do I need to start blogging?

This is the beautiful aspect of it all; you need little capital to start, if you have a personal computer or a laptop with internet connection.  You may also need a pen and paper, and the knowledge of what to blog about, then you are good to go.

 Where do I start from and how?

Good to know you want to begin blogging, there are many ways out there to start, but we advise as a beginner you begin with a free service and after trying out and making all the mistakes, you can then move on to a paid service, so to begin, read 5 reasons you should start blogging with google blogger and Steps to starting a successful blog in 2017