Adjusting CorelDraw Graphics Design Fills and Outlines

Graphics Design Fills outlin

Having learnt how to create Graphics Design with Coredrawx4 in the previous lesson. In this lesson, Adjusting Graphics Design Fills and Outlines, I am going to show you how to add fills and outlines to your graphics designs.

When you add an object to your drawing, the object is given a default fill and outline, the object outline is the line that borders the object. The graphics design fill is the contents of the object (i. e. the color or pattern inside the object). These attributes can be changed using the Outline/Fill flyout tools.

Adjusting your Graphics Design fills to Uniform Colour Fill

Uniform fills are the basic fills in CorelDraw. A uniform fill is a colour that is uniform throughout; you can also call them plane colours.

To apply a uniform fill using the Color palette

Select the object with the Pick tool and click on the colour you want to apply in the colour palette. The selected object is automatically filled with that same color.

Adjusting your Graphics Design fills to Fountain Fill

Graphics Design Fills fountainA fountain fill is a fill that flows smoothly from one colour to another. The fill can flow in a straight line across the object (linear), in concentric circles from the center of the object (radial), in rays from the center of the object (conical), or in concentric squares from the center of the object (square).

To apply a fountain fill

Select the object with the Pick tool.

Open the Fill Tool flyout, and click the Fountain Fill dialog button.

(or press F11 on the keyboard)

In the Colour Blend selection, enable the two colour button if you want the two colour fountain fill or Custom to enable you choose as many colours you may need.

Choose the type of fountain fill you want from the Type list box. (e.g Liner, radial, conical or square)

Click the From colour picker, and choose the colour you want at the start, click the To colour picker to choose the end colour. If you choose custom a rectangular box appear in position of the colour picker, at the beginning there is a smaller square click on it and click on any colour to apply, and also at the rear end, but at the middle double-click to add a triangle-like node, click on any colour to apply to that position, keep repeating till you get the desired colours.

Type a value in the Angle box to rotate.

And Click Ok when you have got the desired settings.

To Apply a Preset Fountain Fill

CorelDraw comes with a number of preset fountain fills that you can use to simulate the appearance of neon tubes, meals cylinders, and a variety of other real-life objects.

To apply a preset fountain fill

Select the object with the Pick tool

Open the Fill tool flyout, and click Fountain Fill Dialog

Choose a preset fountain fill from the Presets list box in the Fountain Fill dialog box.

Adjusting your Graphics Design fills to Pattern Fill

Graphics Design Fills patternYou can fill selected objects with a pattern fill. A patter fill is composed of repeated images or shapes. There is the two colours pattern where you can change the colours to suit your desire, the full colour & Bitmap pattern which you can only change the size but not the colours.

To adjust your Graphics Design fills to pattern Fill

Select the Object with the Pick tool.

Open the Fill tool flyout, and click the Pattern Fill Dialog.

Enable any of the pattern type, i.e. two colour, full colour, Bitmap etc.

Click on the pattern that appears in the dialog box to display a thumbnail of other samples,  choose the pattern you want.

Specify the colours when it is a two colour pattern.

Adjusting your Graphics Design fills to Texture Fill

Graphics Design Fills texturA texture fill is a kind of mixture of several colours and objects which makes up a more beautiful fill; you can change the colours and shape to suit your taste.

To adjust your graphics design fill to texture fill,

Select the object with the Pick tool,

Open the Fill tool flyout, and click the Texture Fill Button, The texture fill dialog box will be displayed.

In the Texture library choose one of the libraries, e.g sample 9, sample 8, styles, etc.

In the Texture list box choose a particular texture and see the preview

Set the values to match, click preview to see the display of current values.

Click Ok to apply.


Graphics Design Fills interaThe Interactive Fill tool allows you to apply fills quickly and easily. The fill properties displayed on the Property Bar when the Interactive tool is selected allows you to select a specific Fill type, and the icon behind the fill type space allows you to edit any chosen fill with much ease.

To Use the Interactive fill Tool,

Select the object with the pick tool.

Select the Interactive Fill tool.

On the Property Bar choose the Fill type e.g Uniform, Fountain, Pattern etc.

Set the properties as required, click on the edit button to see other properties not displayed on the property Bar.

Removing Fills

To remove fill from an object

Select the object with the Pick tool

Click the no fill button on top of the color palette.

Or Open the Fill Flyout and click the no fill button


Graphics Design Fills outlinThe line surrounding an object makes up the outline. i.e the border of any drawing, it could be curved objects or texts, and you can change the colour of an outline to blend with your drawing as well as specify a width for it to make it more conspicuous, or remove it entirely if not needed.

Applying & Editing Outline

When you draw any object in CorelDraw, it comes with a default outline usually black and a default outline width. To change the width and colour of your Graphics Design outline, do the following;

Select the Object with the Pick tool

Open the Outline tool flyout, click the Outline Pen Dialog. (or press F12 on the keyboard) the outline dialog box will be displayed

Click on the “Colour” button to display a list of colours choose any of the colours

In the Outline width enter a value for the width,

Then choose a style from the styles that appears below and

Enable the behind fill button of you want the outline to fill behind the object,

Removing Outlines

To remove outline from an object or text

Select the object with the Pick tool

Right-click the No fill button on top of the colour palette

Or Open the Outline tool flyout, and click on the no outline button.

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