All you need to know about Earning Online Income working from home

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For a decade now, a lot of persons have been earning online income working from home without much investment. While some has made a fortune working from home, others still are yearning and wishing to know how. Well, firstly I will like to bring to your knowledge that there are many myths about online income.

I started this blog a few years ago as an offshoot of my offline business, and on this section of the site, my focus is on guidelines to earning online income for the many people that are wishing to turn the time they spend online into cash and grow a career out of what they love doing most.

So if you’ve been searching for how you can generate Income Online you are sure at the right place because;

  1. We provide a genuine guide to earning online income
  2. We show you the skills you need and where to get the necessary training when we are not offering the training.
  3. We provide only genuine and tested ways of making money online.

Streams to Earning  Income Online from Home

Listed below are proven streams to earning online income. Take your time to study and understand each of the streams of earning online income given below to enable you to kick start your online business.

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. YouTube Video Marketing
  4. Podcasting and Webinars
  5. Facebook Video & Marketing
  6. Sell A Course
  7. Freelancing Jobs

Wondering what each item on the above list is? Here is a brief description of each item on the list then, follow the link for a detail explanation of each stream to earning online income.


You must have heard of blogging, blog post, blogger over and over again, and most times you get confused. Don’t worry now that you are here, I will give you some clarity on these terms. A blog is a website whose content is modified regularly and the content is tailored to help readers solve a problem or learn a task. The author of such a site is referred to as a blogger while the articles on the site are the blog post and the act of writing for a blog is what blogging stands for.

In the context of this write-up, I will simply say, blogging is content marketing. That is, you write articles on a topic you are familiar with, something that you are passionate about, or just have much information about (although you can pay someone to get this information for you). The bottom line is that you have this information and you believe someone out there needs the information, you then put the information on your site and those that need the information comes around to your site and read, in turn, they appreciate you for it by becoming your loyal followers. You gain their confidence as you continue to write interesting articles to inspire or help them solve a problem. Then you can take your blogging to another level when you convert this army of followers to online income. See details on how you can start a blog and make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

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Ever done network marketing before? Affiliate Marketing is very similar; the only difference is that you market products online. Affiliate Marketing is a commission based marketing whereby you promote products for companies or other marketers and you earn commission on each product purchased via your link. You do not require any special skill to do this, although having a website could be an added advantage. You can promote your affiliate links on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. See details on how you can generate online income from affiliate marketing.

YouTube Video Marketing

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Let’s discuss YouTube, you must have heard of it, and chances are, you’ve been spending a lot of hours watching one funny video after another. YouTube is a great source for fun and entertaining content, but it’s also fast becoming an indispensable tool for online marketing. Creating your own channel on YouTube is free, and once you are able to hit the 4,000 hours views per annum and a 1000 subscriber then you can begin to monetize your videos to earn money, isn’t that great. You make your play time and fun into videos and you earn money for it.

Podcasting and Webinars

A webinar, also known as a teleseminar, web seminar or netcast, is a video and audio presentation that is focused on an audience, like a group of students, clients or employee, participants can be in the same place or in multiple locations.

A podcast is a recorded piece of audio that you can share across the internet for users. There’s no audience limit to the number of persons who can access a podcast as anyone with a computer can subscribe to a podcast feed, play one online or share a podcast they like to anyone with a computer.  See details on how you can earn income online making webinars and podcast.

Facebook Video Marketing

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Heard of Facebook video marketing? It’s true and it’s real. You can make money from videos you upload to Facebook. Rather than just upload your videos to your profile, create a page, get the numbers of follows and Facebook will introduce add breaks into your videos and you start earning money from your videos

Sell A Course

Do you have a knowledge you want to share? Then you can be sure of generating online income selling courses. You can package that knowledge into videos or PDF files to sell online, there are sites that allow you to place your video courses or better still you can have your own site and sell your courses.

Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing means you can do many things online to generate income; a freelancer is not tied to one employer rather he is open to as many employers that needs his services. To be a freelancer, you need specialized skills like writing skills if you want to write, design skills for designers, coding skills for programmers etc.