All you need to Know about MS PowerPoint Slideshow


MS PowerPoint slideshow is the processes of setting up a presentation with MS PowerPoint. It includes the use of slides in combination with animations on a timeline alongside sounds and effects. To make a presentation rich and attractive to viewers, the presenter needs basic knowledge of MS PowerPoint slideshow.

When setting up a presentation, impacting your audience is topmost on your agenda. To achieve this, you need animated visuals with effects to leave a lasting memory in the mind of your viewers. MS PowerPoint slideshow holds the answers you seek, in the next paragraphs, I will show you how.

Making slides for MS PowerPoint Slideshow and adding images.

Ms PowerPoint Slideshow 1

Every MS PowerPoint slideshow begins with the making of slides, and addition of text and images. To begin making slides, see how to get started with MS PowerPoint.

To make a new slide, (1) open the file menu, (2) select new,

(3) Choose from the available templates and themes and (4) click create. (see image above)

PowerPoint will then presents you with a blank template or an already customized template depends or your choice, go ahead and add your design and write up.

Customizing MS PowerPoint slideshow

Add your customized information, by including images to describe your brand. To add an image, (1) click insert on the menu bar, (2) then click Picture, from the insert picture box that appears, (3) choose the file name for the picture and (4) click insert. Then you can move and position the image where you want it.

Ms PowerPoint Slideshow

Adding animation to MS PowerPoint slideshow

Animation is the one thing that brings an MS PowerPoint slideshow to life. Animation can be added to single items on a page or to a group of items.

To add animation, select the items you wish to animate, (1) click on animations on the ribbon to open the animation tab, from the samples of animation, (2) choose one and observe how it affects your page.

Ms PowerPoint Slideshow 2

(You can edit the animation further on the animation pane by adjusting the timing and effect options. Don’t forget to set a trigger.

Working with transition in MS PowerPoint slideshow

Animation allows you to add movement-like effects to items on a single slide. Transition gives you the movement or blends from one slide to another.

To add transition effect:

Ms PowerPoint Slideshow 3

Select the slide from the (1) sidebar, (2) click transition on the ribbon to open the transition tab. From the transition samples that appear, (3) choose one and watch the display effect. On the extreme right of the Ribbon, notice the option for sound, duration and advance slide, adjust these settings to the desired position.

Publishing MS PowerPoint slideshow

To finalize your MS PowerPoint slideshow, you click on the file menu choose save & send. Then you are provided with various options like; sending using email, save to web, broadcast slideshow, publish slide etc.

You can also create a video, an XPS or PDF document, whatever you want to do with your MS PowerPoint slideshow, the choice is yours, enjoy it.

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