Applying and Editing PowerPoint Background Colours

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For your PowerPoint presentation to be attractive and effective, you will need to use PowerPoint background to beautify the slides when designing. In Microsoft PowerPoint, there are several types of backgrounds you can apply to your presentation, these include: solid fill, gradient fill, picture or texture fill and Pattern fill backgrounds.

Applying Background Colours in PowerPoint

To apply a PowerPoint background colour or edit a presentation background; Click Design on the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon >>  Background Styles >> select any of the background thumbnails that appear (see pics) or click Format Background to open the Format Background dialogue box as shown below. Alternatively, you can also right-click on an empty area on a slide (ensure you did not click nor select any object) and then click Format Background from the menu that appears.

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The Format Background dialogue box should be displayed now.

Ensure that the fill tab is active (as in the image above) then make changes according to your choice of background for the presentation. Note that any background you chose is automatically applied to the selected slide. To apply your new PowerPoint background colour to all the slides in your presentation, click Apply to All.

Adjusting the Format Background Options

How to apply a Solid Fill PowerPoint Background Colour

A solid fill is a kind of background that is uniform all through. To specify a solid fill background, click on the solid fill radio button to select, (by default, the solid fill is active each time this dialogue box is opened) then click on the Fill Colour icon, a panel of colour swatches is now displayed for you to pick a colour from.

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The colours in the upper section of the colour swatches are all theme colours (i.e. are related to the colours you already have on your presentation), so if you choose any of these colour, you are sure to make a background that blends well with the rest of the presentation’s colours. Below the Theme colour swatches panel is another panel made of a set of Standard Colours. If you want even more colours, you can click More Colours at the bottom of the colour swatches box.

How to apply a Gradient Fill PowerPoint Background Colour

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A gradient fill is a kind of fill that allows you to flow colours with a smooth transition into other colours. It could be a single colour flowing in different shades or multiple colours flowing smoothly into one another.


To apply a gradient fill to your slide, select the gradient fill radio box and the options will change as in the image above. You can select from a selection of in-built gradients by clicking the Preset colours button. Or you can define the gradient colours and pattern yourself by specifying whether the gradient pattern type should be; linear, radial, shade from title, path or rectangular. You will also need to specify the direction of the gradient, the angle, the colour’s position on the gradient (by adjusting the Gradient stops) as well as the properties of each colour on the gradient stop line. Other properties you will also specify includes colour brightness and transparency percentage.

How to apply a Picture Or Texture Fill PowerPoint Background Colour

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A Picture or Texture fill is a kind of fill that allows you to use a picture or texture images as a background in your PowerPoint presentation slides.

To Apply a Picture or Texture fill, select the radio button, pick a texture from the Texture box. PowerPoint by default comes with some inbuilt textures you can apply to your slides as background, there is also the option for you to choose your own image from the images stored on your hard drive. Click File under the Insert from to open the image box, or click clip art to insert clip art. You can also use an image copied to your clipboard. When you select an image of your own, you are also at liberty to specify how the image appears in the background either just once or repeated like a texture. Also, you can choose transparency for the image, the alignment and other attributes you may want to specify.  See the image above for more details

How to apply a Pattern Fill PowerPoint Background Colour

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Pattern Fill is a designed background that is crafted with either dots, lines, curves or shapes arranged in such a unique way that presents a pattern. PowerPoint by default comes with a selection of inbuilt patterns you can apply to your slides as backgrounds.

To apply a pattern fill, select the pattern fill radio button to reveal the patterns that are available for selection. Select any of the patterns that appear. You can also specify the foreground and background colours to apply to the pattern. Get more on PowerPoint

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