Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010

Basic Knowledge of MicrosoftWhen it comes to word processing and document handling, Microsoft Word stands-out amongst equals, Microsoft Word is the word processing software from Microsoft Corporation and in this tutorial, we shall be introducing the basic features of Microsoft Word 2010.
To complete this tutorial, you need a P.C running windows 7 or later with a copy of Microsoft Word 2010 installed, if you haven’t installed Microsoft Word

2010 see How to download and Install Word 2010 for help.

Ms Word1
(1)  Click Start on your PC’s Desktop, or press the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Start Menu,
MS word2
(2)  Click AllPrograms,
MS Word3
(3)  Click on MicrosoftOffice to open a sub-menu
MS Word4
(4)  In the list click on Microsoft Word 2010 and wait while it loads.
Once the program has finished loading, it displays as in the picture below, depending on your setting, in our picture, it is displaying a blank document (blank letter page) this is the default Workspace; showing the Menu, Ribbon, Rulers, Page Borders and Blinking Cursor.
This tutorial provides basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, hence we are going to Create a New Document, Save the Document, Close and Open the same document if you are through with these, then you can carry out basic operations in Microsoft Word, then you can move to more advanced lessons.

 Creating a New Document

To Create a New Document,
1.     Click on the File Menu, to open a flyout
2.     On the flyout, Click New
3.     On the Available Templates section click Blank Document
4.    On the far right below the Blank Document Preview, click Create
A Blank Document is now displayed in your Microsoft Word window, go ahead and start typing; observe the cursor position.
Note: Ctlr + N is a shortcut to creating a blank new document.

Saving a Document: Having created and entered text into your document, the next step is saving, which is a way of preserving or keeping your documents for furthers use.

To Save a Document,

1.           Click on the File Menu, to open a flyout
2.           Click Save or Save As or press (Ctrl + S)
3.           In the Save As dialog box that appears, choose a location to store your document.
4.           In the File Name box, type in, the file name
5.           Click Save.
Now your document is saved, remember to save subsequent changes by pressing Ctrl + S

 To Open a Document,

1.         Click on the File Menu, to open a flyout
2.         Click Open or press (Ctrl + O)
3.         In the Open dialog box that appears, choose a location where you stored the document.
4.         In the File Name box, type in, the file name
5.         Click Open.