Beautifying documents using Ms Word WordArt 2010

ms word wordart 2

If you wish to spice up your Ms Word documents, why not insert some WordArt? Ms Word WordArt is a decorative text that you can add to a document fast and easy. You can further edit your WordArt if you want it more attractive. You can change the font size, text colour, add special effects to make the WordArt more appealing. To edit WordArt, you will use the WordArt Styles command group on the Format Menu Tab. The Format Menu Tab is under the Drawing Tools contextual Tab on the Ms Word Ribbon.

Working on a document and you want to add a line of beautiful artistic text? Ms Word WordArt provides you with various options to manipulate a line of text in your document. In previous versions of Microsoft Word, WordArt has its own tab. But in recent versions, the WordArt tab is now merged into the Format Tab. So on Word 2010, you can edit the WordArt using the Format Menu Tab under the Drawing Tools contextual Tab.

Inserting WordArt into your document

To insert Ms Word WordArt

1. Select the Text you want to apply WordArt on

2. Click Insert > on the insert menu tab that opens,

3. Click WordArt to open the WordArt tab thumbnails as in the image below.

ms word wordart 1

Each of the thumbnails above represents a different style of Ms Word WordArt. Click any of the boxes to apply the style to the selected text. Where no text is selected, it will insert a WordArt with the “Your Text Here”. Double click to edit with your own text.

Styling Ms Word WordArt

All the pre-defined Ms Word 2010 WordArt are all straight line of text. To make WordArt more stylish, you have to do some modifications to the pre-defined styles. You can add Transformation effects, 3D Rotation, Bevel, Shadows, Reflection to your WordArt.

To add these effects to your WordArt text, Select the WordArt, click > Format. On the Format Menu Tab that opens, navigate to > Text Effects, a flyout appears as in the image below.

ms word wordart 2

Pointing your mouse to any of the thumbnails in the above image will further open a sub-flyout. From each sub-flyout, you can pick a style of format you wish to apply to your WordArt Text.