Become an Entrepreneur doing Graphics

An entrepreneur is an innovator, one who sets up a business and probably employ others to work in the business, rather than seek employment, entrepreneurs creates employment, the entrepreneurs also takes risk and challenges that may arise in the course of doing business, obviously, becoming an entrepreneur is not that easy going by the definition above, but in recent times, business ideas has shifted and the internet has shaped the way we live and how we do business, such that one can become self-employed today without setting up an office at any physical location; or at most minimal capital is needed in setting up; in this article we focus on setting up a firm as a graphic designer with minimal capital.

Doing Graphic Design as a Business

Graphic design has been an ancient profession, i.e. it started since man started yearning for ways to keep records and preserve history.
Although it became popular and quite intriguing with the advent of computers, hence today graphic design is a large industry. Turning in billions of dollars to many economy, there is hardly an industry today where graphic design is not employed, from construction to automobile, entertainment, visual art and print media hence the many sides and types of graphics.
Learning Graphic Design Packages
As stated earlier, the graphics design industry is so wide; but in this write-up our focus is on graphics as related to the media (visual and print media)
Below are some graphics packages an aspiring graphic designer can learn to become self-reliant.
¨     CorelDraw
¨     Corel Trace
¨     Corel Painter
¨     Adobe Photoshop
¨     Dreamweaver
¨     AutoCAD
CorelDraw is a vector based graphic design software from Corel Corporation; CorelDraw is easy to understand and also very easy to manipulate when understood, it ranked amongst the best in design, layout, editing and printing it can be downloaded from the manufacturers site, when installed you get Corel Photopaint along with it.
Corel Photo paint is useful for editing images. Also, alongside is Corel trace, which is useful for artistic work. Learning CorelDraw is easy, as it comes with a set of tutorials for a beginner. 
        Adobe Photoshop a product from adobe systems is an idol when it comes to photo editing and manipulations, Photoshop can be downloaded here, and the tutorials also included in the manuals. Also from adobe is Dreamweaver which is excellent for website design.
        If you are an artist then Corel Painter is for you, as it gives you more flexibility controlling the looks and effects on your drawing, a product of It can be downloaded alongside a detailed manual.
Adobe illustrator – is for illustrative drawings
AutoCAD for construction and engineering drawings e.t.c.
The Beauty of Learning Graphic design
        If you are able to acquaint yourself with a good knowledge of graphic designs, then you become a sought after, reason being that graphic design is needed everywhere and the intriguing part is, if you wish to be self-reliant, you need little or no capital to kick start your business, having a laptop is enough to kick start, the major thing you need is the idea.
        Having learnt graphic design you may as well choose to work as a freelancer, doing graphic designs for whoever needs it from the comfort of your home, if you are interested visit