Beginning Microsoft Excel 2010

microsoft excel
microsoft excel
Microsoft Excel is a rich feature spreadsheet that allows users to input and manipulate data, doing summations, arithmetical calculations and producing graphs, pie charts and statistical tables from data, Microsoft Excel is used mainly by professionals who collect and analyse data and those who just wish to collect data in a well arranged format, hence it is used mainly by stores, accountant, statisticians etc, whatever your profession is, data is very important therefore a knowledge of Microsoft Excel is a plus.
This tutorial is on the basic knowledge for beginning Microsoft Excel 2010; you will learn how to start Microsoft Excel 2010, create a new spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet, close and reopen the spreadsheet.
To begin, you need a P.C running windows 7, or later, have a basic knowledge of computer and window 7 Operating System, and a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 installed on your P.C. otherwise see how to obtain and Install Microsoft Excel 2010.

Starting Microsoft Excel 2010:

1.   On your windows Desktop, Click Start or Press the windows start key to bring up the Start menu

2.   Click on All programs,
3.   Click on Ms office,


4.   Click Microsoft Excel 2010 and wait while it load, once it finished loading, it displays a blank spread sheet as in the image, take note of the lines in rows and columns

To Create a New Blank Spreadsheet

1.   Click on File to pull down the file menu
2.   Click on new
3.   On the menu that appears you see a list of available Templates which include: Black, Recent, Sample, New form existing, My template.


4.   Click on Blank Template (to create a new Blank template)
5.   Click Create – the new spread sheet is displayed
Note Ctrl+N is the shortcut to creating a new blank spreadsheet.
Now you can start entering your data, note data are entered in cell and you use tab to navigate between the cells.

Saving a Spreadsheet;

To save a spread sheet
1.   Click File to pull down the file menu
2.   Click Save on the file menu
3.   In the save dialog box that appears choose a location you wish to store your spread sheet in
4.   In the File Name box; enter a name for the spread sheet
5.   Click Save
Note: Now your spread sheet is saved till the last changes you made henceforth subsequent changes should be saved by pressing Ctrl + S. now you can close the spreadsheet by pressing ctrl+w or click file, close.
Opening a Spreadsheet
Now to open the spreadsheet you just saved
1. Click File to pull down the file menu
2. Click Open
3. In the open dialog box that appear, choose the location where you stored the file
4. In the file Name box, type in the name of the file and 
5. Click Open.