Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application with rich features that allows users to tell their story in graphics/visual details alongside sound and animations thereby bringing the presentation alive in pictures. Having a good knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint will change your skills and how you communicate your message to your audience. In this tutorial, we focus on how to begin Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.  You need a PC running Windows 7 or later and a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint installed otherwise see installing Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.


1.   On the Windows Desktop, Click Start or Press windows start key to bring up the Start menubegining microsoft powerpoint 1 
2.   On the startup menu, Click on All programs,
3.   Click on Microsoft Office,
begining microsoft powerpoint 3
4.   Click Microsoft PowerPoint and wait while it loads, once it finished loading, it displays a blank slide as in the image.
To Create a New Blank Presentation
1.   Click  File to reveal the file menu
2.   On the File Menu, click on New
begining microsoft powerpoint 4
3.   On the available Templates and themes menu, you will see a list which includes: Blank, Recent, Sample, Themes, My template and New from existing,
4.   Since we are creating a blank presentation, click the Blank Presentation
5.   And click Create.
Note: Ctrl+N is the shortcut keys to create a new blank presentation.

Saving a Presentation;

To save a Presentation
1.   Click File to open the file menu
begining microsoft powerpoint 5
2.   On the file menu, click Save
3.   In the save dialogue box, choose a location you wish to keep your presentation in
4.   In the File Name box; type a name for the presentation
5.   And click Save
Note: Now the presentation is saved, remember to save subsequent changes made by pressing Ctrl + S. Then close the presentation by pressing ctrl+w or click File, Close.

Opening a Presentation

To open the presentation you just saved;
1.   Click on File to pull down the file menu
2.   Click Open
begining microsoft powerpoint 6
3.   In the Open dialogue box, choose the location where you stored the file
4.   In the File Name box, type in the name of the file
5.   and Click Open.
Congratulation, if you have followed this tutorial attentively, then you have learned the basics of Ms PowerPoint. Subsequently, you can build on that and improve your skills in creating PowerPoint Presentations.
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