Better ways to Generate Graphic Design income from home

generate graphic design income

Have you been searching for where to generate income as a graphic designer? Maybe you are no longer comfortable with the income you generate doing logo designs online. Or working as a freelancer. In this post, I want to show you a better way you can generate graphic design income and gain more reputation.

Okay, if you are ready, let’s begin.

How about creating your own site and selling some stuff? You can sell stuff like PDF tutorials, DIY Video Tutorials, How-tos, and some graphics stuff. Still wondering how? Read on as I take you through some ideas and where possible show you an example of such.

Various ways to generate Graphic Design income from your own website or blog

Creating a website should not be much stress to you but if you are yet to get into that, read how to create a blog. Or if you want to use a free service, read creating your first blog on Google blogger. Once you are able to setup your website or blog, then read on.

Sell PDF Tutorials on your website

Graphic design is an art which many people are struggling to learn. If you are good at it, then you sure will have many people flock after you. These people flocking after you, either want to learn from you or buy your work. So if you create PDF of your knowledge as a graphic designer, a lot of persons will want to get their hands on it. Good as it sounds, your income will not start rolling in immediately though. This is because you are not yet known, so you will need to build your profile and reputation over time. For this reason, you may have to start by offering free services, tutorials, and download. And in due time, you can start staging an amount for your services when you become popular. Sites of this type include; tastytuts and entheosweb.

Design and sell infographics

Infographics are becoming the best way to passing visual information these days. As a graphic designer, you can design attractive infographics for clients and followers. And if your infographics are good, then you can generate graphic design income from them.

Design and sell digital products

Both infographics and PDF are digital products you can sell on your website. But as a graphics designer, you can create many other digital products. You can generate graphic design income from Vectors, T-shirts designs, Poster, and Banners. You can also design and sell logos, stock photos, backgrounds, and cliparts. The list is endless.

Do Video Tutorials on Youtube

You can also generate income from YouTube with your video tutorial. Creating an account on YouTube is free and simple. And once your YouTube account is up and running, start creating video tutorials. Upload your videos to your YouTube account and once you get up to 10,000 views, then you can monetize your videos. Once adverts start showing on your videos, your income will start rolling in.

Create Fonts

The list of digital products you can sell on your website is actually endless. You can also create special and unique fonts to sell on your website. You can also create themes for apps and websites.

And Finally, Run a Webinar

This is the sweetest part of it all. After you have gained a lot of standing and reputation, then it becomes imperative that you stage a good pay for your hardwork. The best way to do that is to run a webinar. You create special lessons and get people to pay to read and study with your webinars.