Why blogging ranks as best current money making business

best current money making business

best current money making businessThe machines are here, robots are taking up many jobs, and lots of employment opportunities are being cut. Sophia is going everywhere, hoping to become a citizen soon. And humans gradually become less useful for routine tasks. Portfolio jobs are failing and where they are available, the stress is unbearable. But you can’t even breathe it out, else you get sacked. So what is the best current money making business? A professor once told me, intellectual property is, another said to me human will only become important in decision making and jobs that require deep reasoning since robots have taken up routine jobs.

Welcome to my exposition of a nomadic life, where you can be your own boss and be glad you did. But let’s not miss the point, blogging is money spinning, but it requires consistent effort. In this post, I will be showing you reasons why blogging is the best current money making business for you.

Here is why blogging is the best current money making business.

Before we delve in, let’s have a preview of what blogging is all about

  • You create a site you update with write up on regular basis
  • You choose a topic that you love to talk about
  • You write quality and unique articles for your blog
  • You monetize your blog with AdSense, affiliate marketing or other forms of monetization
  • With people viewing your articles and clicking, you get money from your monetization

Simple, that is what blogging is all about, and that makes it the best current money making business. Looking at the business of blogging, it appears less cumbersome compared to other kinds of jobs out there. Although there are other techniques involved, like SEO, Search Engine Optimization and Security, all these come handy as you progress into the blogging career itself.

Comparing regular business with blogging business will reveal to you why blogging ranks the best current money making business for.

Getting a place for your business is more cumbersome and financially demanding than a blog:

If you want to do a regular business, you will need a place probably a store or so, then you go ahead to furnish and equip the place, all these cost huge amounts of money. But for a blog, all you need is a platform, like setting up on Google blogger or WordPress then you can learn by downloading guides and tutorials to guide you through the process of setting up on that particular platform. And when your blog is setup, then you are set to start collecting materials and posting articles.

Collecting raw materials and converting them to final products:

Unlike many regular businesses, the raw materials you need for blogging are inherent in you.  Your knowledge, or if you have to source them from outside they come to you cheap or even free like allowing a guest post on your site, and in some cases, you may even charge the author if your site has a higher authority. Blogging is the best current money making business for people who have the skills and energy to creatively create masterpieces.

Advertising is the next simple and beautiful thing that makes blogging best current money making business.

Advertising your blog is very easy these days, with all the social media like Facebook, Twitter and google+, you can get a good followership from a non-paid advertisement if you employ the right skills and strategy. And when the money starts rolling in, you can then move on to paid advertisement.

The ease to work from anywhere

This is one aspect of blogging I am very excited about, they call it Digital Nomad; you don’t have to be at a particular location to operate on your blog, just get a computer and data connection that’s all.

Now if you look at these fewer needs, their financial implication and the flexibility with which you can operate as a blogger, then try take into cognisance what you will require on the regular business or work side, you will now understand what I am talking about, when I say blogging is the best current money making business.


The above lines must have given you enough hope about making money, and all are true. But, like I mentioned above: making money from your blog is not going to be easy, and it will require lots of effort. You have to make frantic effort to develop your blogging career, read the guide on developing a great blogging career, and there are some mistakes you must avoid, not avoiding these mistakes, makes some newbie quit blogging, they fail to make it big.

I like to balance the scales here, by telling you the truth, it is not all that rosy to start a blog and hit stardom, it takes time, requires patience, commitment and focus, but if you are determined, there is no limit to what you can achieve from a blog.

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to share with a friend and leave us a comment to know your mind and how we can help you on your blogging journey.