Here is how to carry out a comprehensive blog edit

comprehensive blog editWhat the heck are keywords? Jetting out at BlogSpot, I was smeared with Html, XML, widgets and the likes. Then I moved on to WordPress, I ended up getting baptized again with the water of PHP and the likes of plugins, which I managed to survive. As I was about catching my breath I heard SEO. Now I am starring at SEO only to find out that it is a community of tasks, and my first task head-on is ‘Keywords’ to enable me to carry out a comprehensive blog edit.

Oh! Did I exclaim Keywords?  Pardon me; I had rather say “what the heck is a comprehensive blog Edit”

What the heck then is a comprehensive blog Edit?

I built my blog site on a topic, ignorant of keywords and their uses I uploaded contents to my blog site. But the blog sits there, like a pebble at the base of the ocean, apart from the few stray visitors I get no one else knows it exists. I move a step further, connect to social media, I share, I try to link to others, but it seems I got a tongue lash of visitors who came once and never returned. They don’t even stay, instead, I am hit with a bounce rate of 95% oh poor me! After some research and consulting with some industry pro, I realized my blog needed a comprehensive blog edit. Below was how I carried out my blog edit that got my site into Alexa Ranking in one week

My comprehensive blog Edit outline

  • Research and choose keywords
  • Determine the type of Edit, get necessary plugins
  • Rip content down, edit, rewrite, restructure and redesign
  • Update/redirect modified URL to avoid broken links
  • Take record of keywords and headlines

Research and choosing keywords

Worried about the poor performance of my blog, I went into research after which I got a detailed understanding of keywords and how to use them. Then with these tools, I chose my keywords and went on to do a comprehensive blog edit. Comprehensive in the sense that I had to touch every part of the blog, I had to bring down the whole articles and had them re-write to correspond with my keywords.

My type of Edit and the Plugin I used

I realized I needed a comprehensive blog edit, such that I need to unify all my keywords. This required rewriting most of my articles and changing post titles. So I realize this was going to affect many links also. My first plugin, however, was Aspose Doc Exporter, this plugin enabled me to download all my contents in Document format. So I downloaded all my post based on their categories.

Boom immediately after the download, the next thing was to edit all articles optimizing them properly with the right keywords. I edited all my articles on my PC offline.

Updating edited articles and redirecting old URLs

After editing all the articles, I went back online to upload them, then I observed some titles had changed and so also the URL for those articles, so I needed to redirect the old URL to the new ones to avoid broken links. Then the plugin Redirection came handy and my site edit was up without anyone noticing any change except that they could get what they were looking for whenever they click on any URL.

Keeping records of headlines and keywords is essential

And finally, you need to keep a record of your site. Your site is a business you will be grooming and growing over years. You will need records in the future, records of topics you have written, keywords you have used and their various measurements. With these records, you will know what to add and what to remove as well as where you need to build up more.  To keep this track record of your site, there are various tools out there you can use; I used Excel spreadsheet for my records, which I can back up into my google documents so that I can access it anytime anywhere.

Okay, that my comprehensive blog edit process. Do let me know what you think, and how I can still improve on my blog.