Here is how to carry out a comprehensive blog edit

What the heck are keywords? Jetting out at BlogSpot, I was smeared with Html, XML, widgets and the likes. Then I moved on to WordPress, I ended up getting baptized again with the water of PHP and the likes of plugins, which I managed to survive. As I was about catching my breath I heard […]

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5 Favourite bloggers I think you should follow and why

Do you dream of a successful career as a blogger? If your answer is yes, then read on. Becoming a successful blogger is not a game of chance; rather it is a thing of practice, persistence and patience. One way you can shoot at the moon early in your blogging career is avoiding some costly […]

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best current money making business
Why blogging ranks as best current money making business

The machines are here, robots are taking up many jobs, and lots of employment opportunities are being cut. Sophia is going everywhere, hoping to become a citizen soon. And humans gradually become less useful for routine tasks. Portfolio jobs are failing and where they are available, the stress is unbearable. But you can’t even breathe […]

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set up a blog site
Here is everything you need to setup a Blog Site now

Are you wondering what it takes to setup a blog site? Or are you one of those, who have visited many sites and are still thinking when am I going to have a blog like this? It is possible you keep procrastinating, thinking that it takes a group of company to setup a blog site […]

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unique custom domain
Here is how to choose a unique Custom Domain Name

Your domain name is everything about your site. You may want a unique custom domain name for your next blog site. Or you may want to change your current site address. Your site may be losing traffic due to a wrongly chosen domain name, or you are using a sub domain like ‘’, After […]

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3 Compelling Reasons why you need Google Documents

Not long ago, I wrote an article tiled 3 Amazing Benefits of Google Documents, where I talked about the importance of Google Documents. I realize I didn’t made talked about how you need Google documents and why. So in this article, I focus on who really should be using Google documents, why and how to […]

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