5 Top blog tracking tools for measuring your site viewership

Gigantic and elegant, the structures were alluring, design appeared heavenly, and mankind felt they have invented and eternal legacy to defile the oceans, although it was a classic piece, globally acclaimed as the first of its kind, yet it was the height of disaster to happen. Large enough to accommodate a community of different folks, […]

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5 free online blogging tools that can impact your blog positively

Most startup bloggers are often constrained to spend as they have budgeted a limited amount to spend pending when they start generating income. Thus most time they find it difficult to pay for some services. Thanks to some of these services now offering a limited portion of their service free to encourage startup bloggers, in […]

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3 Compelling Reasons why you need Google Documents

Not long ago, I wrote an article tiled 3 Amazing Benefits of Google Documents, where I talked about the importance of Google Documents. I realize I didn’t made talked about how you need Google documents and why. So in this article, I focus on who really should be using Google documents, why and how to […]

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3 Amazing Benefits of Google Documents Many Don’t Know

Are you part of a corporate organization and you need to share documents across platform. Or you are just an individual who wants to secure your data on a cloud server for free? Whichever of these you belong, Google Documents has a gift you should be benefiting from right now. A lot of folks have heard […]

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google email service
5 Amazing Benefits of Google Email Service you need to know

Have you heard of Google Email Services or gsuite? Google Email Service is different from the regular Gmail; Gmail is the free google email you get once you open a Gmail account. But Google Email Service or G-suite, allows you to create customized emails with your domain name. Google email service is so amazing that […]

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