self-hosted WordPress loo
Let’s setup your self-hosted WordPress website in 10 minutes

Hello, reader, this is a guide to help you setup your self-hosted WordPress blogsite in 10 minutes. If you have been using the free or the free google, you must have noticed some limitations. Or differences between your website and others you see out there, the secret is not far-fetched. and […]

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set up a blog site
Here is everything you need to setup a Blog Site now

Are you wondering what it takes to setup a blog site? Or are you one of those, who have visited many sites and are still thinking when am I going to have a blog like this? It is possible you keep procrastinating, thinking that it takes a group of company to setup a blog site […]

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custom domain name
Quick steps to Point a custom domain name to blogger blog

When you create a free blog on Google blogger, your web address is a subdomain which usually reads something like And your site hosted on Google free servers. With this kind of a web address your blog popularity is limited to an extent. And the traffic coming to your blog site will narrow, such […]

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unique custom domain
Here is how to choose a unique Custom Domain Name

Your domain name is everything about your site. You may want a unique custom domain name for your next blog site. Or you may want to change your current site address. Your site may be losing traffic due to a wrongly chosen domain name, or you are using a sub domain like ‘’, After […]

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