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Detail tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software

In the previous lesson, ‘Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design’, I introduced you to Corelx4. Showing you how to start the program and taking you through the various icons on the screen and their functions. In this tutorial “Detailed Tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software”, we shall build on what we learnt in the previous lesson. […]

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Graphics Design Software
Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software

CorelDraw is a vector-based Graphics Design program that makes it easy for you to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. The enhanced text-handling capabilities of CorelDraw allows you to create text with special effects, fills, and backgrounds for different projects such as brochures, calendars, cards, and lots more. CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design […]

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Here is how you should start grooming your Graphics design skills

Graphic Design as an art requires several skills to draw, color, shape and arrange objects alongside with text to present visual communication of ideas or messages. The uses of graphics design range from logo designs, presentation, illustration and even engineering designs. Graphic design is as old as the world itself, from the ancient woodcarver to […]

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