glo mobile
Glo Mobile Nigeria Tariff Plans And Subscription

GLO Mobile has remained the best Mobile Network service provider in Nigeria. Both for mobile calls and mobile data subscriptions. The calling rates are relatively cheaper and any data consumer using the GLO mobile data can testify to this verifiable fact that GLO mobile data is more reliable. GLO Mobile has been able to dominate […]

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airtel mobile data

Are you an Airtel subscriber looking for which data bundle will be affordable to you? If you say yes, then you are in the right place. This article is to help you figure which Airtel mobile data package will be perfect for your data needs. Airtel mobile network is one of the largest telecommunication networks […]

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mobile networks ussd codes
MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE and AIRTEL Mobile Network USSD Code

Most times you just can’t recall that Mobile Network USSD code to check your mobile data balances. This occurs mostly when you are using several networks. Not to worry if you find yourself in this class. All you need to do is bookmark this page because it contains all the USSD codes you will ever […]

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9mobile data plans 2019

One thing is certain: 9mobile data bundles in Nigeria is about the fastest and the most expensive tariff out there, although it is user-friendly. But since the network coverage and download speed are good, many data users still prefer 9mobile services. Below is a run-down of the different internet data packages offered by 9mobile network. If you […]

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tech giant apple
Tech Giant Apple is the first trillion dollar company

The biblical story of creation gave an account of the forbidden fruit which Adam and Eve ate in disobedience. Many believed that fruit was an apple fruit. And now it’s Tech Giant Apple all over the news becoming the first the fruit of the tech industry to show where the future economy is leading. Although […]

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iPhone release rumours
iPhone release rumours make the round again

Have you ever wondered what it is with iPhone, that each release must first come with a series of rumours? Well trust those guys at Apple, they sure know how to up their games, to keep the price of their product soaring. The iPhone release rumours are here again, as the giant tech plans to […]

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Possible ways to Avoiding Internet Fraud

The internet revolution has changed the way business are done so much that hoodlums who use to engage in different crimes like; theft, burglary, armed robbery and so on have shifted to internet fraud, so as to remain successful in their criminal acts, this has led to the rise in internet fraud. These scammers are […]

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Making Best use of the Social Media in 2017

The social media has come to stay, given its spread so far, it is obvious that it will only get better, although many are of the opinion that it should be squashed, basing the reason on the decadence it spreads among the youths, such views are rather subjective, since the social media does not actually […]

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Never lose a phone number again

          It was a rainy day, James was traveling to Lagos for a business when he encountered some fine boys along the highway, luckily enough James was cashless, so these boys could only extract the few cash he had on him for petty spending, but James had an ordeal he never wished […]

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Windows 7 Operating System some details

Windows 7 is an Operating System developed by Microsoft, it is also part of the Windows NT family. At the moment window 7 is widely used across different personal computer, both old and new, as a lot of users are yet to appreciate Windows 8 or Windows 10, due to their high level of technicality […]

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Understanding the Computer for beginners

The Computer is an electronic device that can receive input from the user, process the input and bring out the desired output; hence the computer is said to be garbage in garbage out. Therefore to achieve anything from the computer, the user must be well acquainted with how it functions. To know how the computer […]

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