Here is how to choose a unique Custom Domain Name

unique custom domain

unique custom domainYour domain name is everything about your site. You may want a unique custom domain name for your next blog site. Or you may want to change your current site address. Your site may be losing traffic due to a wrongly chosen domain name, or you are using a sub domain like ‘’, After reading this post, you will understand why you need to choose a unique custom domain name.

Your domain name is at the root of your internet business success. It is the uniform resource locator (URL) i.e. the path visitors follow to your site.  If the path is rocky, it implies many won’t be able to follow through. But if the path is smooth and pleasant, then all ages will attend your event(s).

It is easier to remember a name like than a name like

Whereas purchasing a custom domain is as easy like the click of a button, deciding how to choose a unique custom domain name is not an easy task. Most times, you are lost on what to use. In some cases, you discover that the name you had in mind earlier is no longer available.  Below, we attempt to provide you with some points to keep in mind when choosing a custom domain name. Knowing fully well that choosing the wrong domain name could impact negatively on the performance of your site.

What is a unique custom domain name?

Your URL is the link people follow to your site, like  each time visitors enter this address on their browser, they are automatically taken to the website. There are millions of web address over the internet, but there are no two web address that are exactly the same pointing at different websites. Hence, a custom domain name is for one particular site. Therefore, you should choose a unique custom domain name. Since you are at liberty to customize, then your domain name should be branded for that particular purpose which your website is established to pursue. i.e. your web address (custom domain) should be able to tell visitors what they will get when they visit the site.

The need for a unique Custom Domain Name

It is called custom domain name, because the owner is at liberty to customise the address to suit the content of the site. Therefore a custom domain should be so unique that the name alone will bring some visit to the site. People should be able to tell what the site is about from the address alone. Below are some custom domain names of interest.

Without menacing words, one can easily tell what kind of business the above websites are into.

How lengthy should you make your domain name?

Your web address should be easy to memorise, it could be short or long. However it is better to keep it short, not more than 15 letters, this should be if you already have an established brand name, otherwise make it as low as possible between 10 – 6 letters, like, or this type of url will be easy to memorise by every user. The address of this site is a bit long sealedgegraphics is 15 letters, reason being that it was already an established brand name, I felt many person will keep having conflict with a new name.

Always make provision for alternate names, so that in the case the first name choice is already used, you can immediately check for the next one available. I always make like 5 to 10 names before going to check out the available one to buy.

Highlights to choosing a unique custom domain name

  1. Think about the content of your site.
  2. Choose a name that corresponds with your content.
  3. Choose names that are not too long, for easy recall.
  4. Avoid using your personal names, except it is a personal site.
  5. Write down up to at least 5 choices of names.
  6. Keep it simple, clear and focus to attract visitors.

Buying that Custom Domain

When you have finalised your choice of Domain name, then, go to any of the domain sellers sites, like,,, etc. and search for the availability of your chosen name and pay for it. It normally cost 12 dollars for a dot com.

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