Configure CorelDraw Shortcut Keys Yourself for smooth Graphic Design operation

smooth graphic design

I want to believe you have some knowledge of CorelDraw, but if you are just starting out, you can get some tutorial on CorelDraw here. Below are some of the topics you might want to go through before learning these shortcut keys that will give you smooth graphic design operation.

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One thrilling aspect of a computer is the speed at which it processes information, to complement this, the speed at which the user inputs the command is also very important, hence the need for shortcut keys.

In CorelDraw, there are no restrictions on shortcut keys except for a few general ones that every user know across different programs, like ctrl+s, ctrl+o, ctrl+p, ctrl+z, e.t.c,. CorelDraw gives every user the choice of a smooth graphic design operation by allowing you to customize and configure your own CorelDraw shortcut keys.

Below is a walk through on how you can configure your CorelDraw shortcut keys to give you a smooth graphic design operation.


Identifying Originally Configured Shortcut keys

smooth graphic design 1

To identify the default CorelDraw shortcut keys, click on any menu, like the File menu point at any of the command, if the shortcut key is not stated beside it, it will show up in a pop-up.

Aside from those specified, there are other forms of shortcut command that can make your graphics design operation very smooth. For instance, looking at the File menu the ‘F’ has an underlining, this implies that holding Alt+F will also open the File menu and once it is opened, then pressing the letter underlined in each of the sub-menu will perform the operation represented e.g. pressing O will open the Open dialog box, S will save, I for import, E for export e.t.c.

Customizing Your CorelDraw Shortcut Keys

You can choose to customize all your CorelDraw shortcut keys to keys of your choice, to achieve this;

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Options
  3. In the options dialogue box, click Customization,
smooth graphic design 2

  1. Click commands,
  2. below commands choose the menu, you wish to modify e.g File,

6.   choose a submenu,

smooth graphic design 3

  1. click shortcut keys

If a shortcut key is already applied it shows up under current shortcut keys.

To assign a new CorelDraw Shortcut key, put your cursor in the new shortcut key box, press the keys you want to assign on the keyboard and watch them show up in the box. If the keys are currently assigned to any other function it will show up in the box below as currently assigned to click assign if you are satisfied with your choice.

8.   On the appearance tab, you can change the position of underlining in the menus by moving the ‘&’ to a different position take note the ‘&’ symbol is placed before the underlined letter.

smooth graphic design 4
9.   Click ok and that is it. You can now try your newly configured CorelDraw Shortcut keys.