Creating Ms Word Shapes

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When using Ms Word, often times you need to express your message with some kind of illustrations which are neither clip arts nor pictures. Microsoft Word provides you with a lot of options to illustrate your point using various shapes like; lines, basic shapes, block arrows, callouts, flowcharts, equations, stars, and banners. With these Ms Word shapes, you can make a lot of illustrations in your document. In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the basics of creating Ms Word shapes into your document.

ms word shapes

To create any shape in Ms Word, on the Ms Word Ribbon, click >Insert< to open the Insert Menu Tab, on the insert menu tab, click >Shapes< this will open the shapes flyout, on this flyout, you will notice that Ms Word Shapes are organized into categories, and I am going to introduce each category one after the other.

ms word shapes 2

Inserting Lines

When you open the Ms Word shapes flyout, the first categories of shapes you can insert into your documents are lines. You will need line when you want to place straight lines in your document. You can make different types of lines like; the arrow end, elbow connector line, curve connector line, curve arrow connector, scribble and free forms.

To insert a line, open the Ms Word shapes flyout as in the image above, click on any of the above-listed types of lines and click and drag in your document window. Note: to draw a perfectly straight line, hold down the shift key when dragging.

Inserting Rectangles

Just below the line section is the Rectangle, you can insert rectangular shapes, square, snip corners rectangles and round corners rectangle. To insert a Rectangle, click on any of the rectangles listed above and click and drag in your document window to insert the rectangle. To draw a square, hold down the shift button while dragging.

Inserting Basic Shapes

The basic shapes section on the Ms Word shapes flyout allows you to insert shapes like oval, different types of triangles, polygons, cubes, bracket, braces and a host of other shapes. To insert a basic shape, select the shape from the flyout, click and drag in your document window to insert. Holding down the shift key while dragging will result in a square shape for most of the basic shapes.

Inserting Block Arrows

The block arrow section of the Ms Word shapes flyout allows you to insert block arrow-like shapes that can be used for directional purposes. In this section, you have different direction arrows and even the quad-arrow, you also have curve arrows and arrow callouts.

Inserting Equation Shapes

This segment allows you to insert mathematical symbols like the plus sign, minus sign, multiplication sign, division and equal to signs.

Inserting Flowcharts

The flowcharts section of the Ms Word shapes flyout provides you will all the shapes you will need to draw a flow chart, except the connector, which you will find in the line segment. The shapes in this segment include, flowchart process, internal storage, decision, display, alternate process etc.

Inserting Stars and Banners

The stars and banner section allows you to insert stars and banners into your document, the stars are numbered according to the numbers of points they have. While the banners are also of different types.

Inserting Callouts

Callout is surely one Ms Word shape you will find very useful. They are useful for indicating additional information or stating and expression. The callouts in Ms Word shape flyout are of different types, some are rectangular in shapes, while others are circular, others still are star etc.

Using the Drawing Canvas

The Drawing Canvas provides you with the option of making your own customized shape when you cannot find a shape that suits your search in the Ms Word shape flyout, then you may want to hit the drawing canvas and make a drawing of the desired shape.

Finally, please note that all shapes including lines are editable once inserted. To edit any shape, simply select the shape and look out for Format that appears on the Ms Word Ribbon beneath the Drawing tools. Click Format to bring up all properties related to the selected object, edit as desired.