Detail tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software

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In the previous lesson, ‘Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design’, I introduced you to Corelx4. Showing you how to start the program and taking you through the various icons on the screen and their functions. In this tutorial “Detailed Tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software”, we shall build on what we learnt in the previous lesson. By looking at the Menus and Toolbox.

The Corelx4 Graphics Design Software Menu

corelx4 graphics design softwareThe Menu is one place from which all the features of the program can be accessed. The menu are grouped into sub-menus which are relevant to specific task. To understand how the menu is grouped, it is helpful when you think of a menu in line with the action you wish to perform. Fore instance, if I want to Open a File in CorelX4 Graphics Design Software, I will be looking at the File Menu. Below are the various sub-menus under CorelX4 Graphics Design Software Menu.

FILE MENU – consist of commands for creating, saving, closing a new drawing and exiting CorelDraw X4 as well, it also hold other commands for printing, publishing and exporting your drawing..

EDIT MENU – consist of command you need to edit your drawings, e.g. Copy, paste, delete, undo, redo, etc.

VIEW MENU – contains the commands you need to change your view setting, like hiding/showing your rulers, full screen preview etc.

LAYOUT MENU: through this menu you can change your page setup, either to landscape or portrait, or change the size, you can also insert or delete pages

ARRANGE MENU: through this menu you can make a good arrangement of your drawings, like placing one in front of the other sending to back, grouping and ungrouping, aligning and distributing your drawings. Etc.

EFFECTS MENU– contains the command you need to add effects to your drawings, like drop shadows, perspective, power clip etc.

BITMAPS MENU: on this menu you can convert your drawings to bitmaps, edit and add special Bitmaps effect to your drawings, note all objects must be converted to Bitmaps before any bitmap effect can be applied.

TEXT MENU– contains commands specially for text only, like fitting text to path, straighten text, changing case, spell checking etc.

TOOLS MENU- this menu contains command you need to change you tools setting and also for specialtask like symbol and special characters, Corel scripts and opening of scrapbook.

TABLE MENU- this contains command you will need to draw and edit tables

WINDOWS MENU – contains menu for changing you window view, like viewing two files at a time, switching between files, closing all open file at a time.

HELP MENU: this menu provides help just as the name goes, it also tells gives you technical support, you get a message from any ‘producers’ concerning your program if you are connected to the Internet. It also helps you to learn a lot yourself by using the Corel Tutor.

Corelx4 Graphics Design Software Toolbox

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The Corelx4 Graphics Design Software Toolbox is the most useful feature in corelx4, it contains all the tools you will need in manipulating your graphics designs. Below is a pictorial view of the toolbox and the functions of the various tools are explained below.

The pick tool;- this is used for picking, stretching, scaling, and rotating objects.

Shape tool;- it is also called  Edit  tool, it  is used for editing shape and text as well, when you open the shape tool by holding down the mouse button on it, a flyout is opened from which you can select  the Eraser tool, Knife tool and the Free transform tool.

Zoom tool; This tool allows you to magnify and minimize your drawing to give you best view while working on them, holding down the mouse on these opens a flyout from which you can select the pan tool.

Freehand tool; This tools allows you to draw freehand lines and shapes, by dragging the cursor across the drawing page, click and hold down your mouse button on this tool to display different types and select the very one you need.

Rectangle tool; Lets you draw rectangles and squares.

Eclipse tool; Lets you draw eclipse shapes and  circles.

Polygon tool; Lets you draw polygons and stars. Holding down the mouse button on this toll opens a flyout, from which you can choose a different object tool.

Text tool; Lets you add texts to your drawing, to add artistic text (short text which you can apply different design to)click on the text tool and click anywhere inside the drawing window  and type. To add paragraph text to your drawing, click and drag the mouse button to form a square with the text tool, then type inside the box.

Interactive Fill tool; lets you apply fills to selected object(s). Holding down the mouse button on this tool opens a flyout from which you can choose the interactive mesh tool.

Interactive Transparency tool; lets you apply transparency to selected objects

Interactive Drop Shadow tool; allows you to apply a drop shadow to selected object, to create an illusion or depth hold down the mouse button to display a flyout from which you can select the Interactive Extrude, Interactive Blend, Interactive contour & Interactive Envelope tools, etc.

Eyedropper tool; Lets you select a fill color from an object in your drawing. Holding down the mouse button on this tool open a flyout, from which you can choose the paint-bucket tool.

Outline tool; Opens the outline flyout, from which you can specify an outline style, colour and thickness.

Fill tool: Opens the fill flyout from which you can specify a fill type, colour and pattern.

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