Here is how to develop a great blogging career from scratch

great blogging careerHave you been blogging for some time and there seems to be no headway for you? And you are about to conclude that you can’t have that great blogging career you’ve always dreamt of and you finally conclude that it does not exist, that all the noise on the internet about making money blogging is just a ruse.

Why not relax and read this post carefully, maybe after reading it you come to realize where you are getting it all wrong and what you should do next.

First I want to clear your doubts, great blogging career exists. This is the 21st century; people are making good money on the internet enough to see them through life happily. That said, let me also sound this note of warning, making money from blogging is not a lazy man’s job though, it requires courage, smart work, ability to research and patience to wait for the harvest time.

If you are still reading, then you might have some of the virtues listed above, and you are just good to go. Now let’s get to the root of the issue here. Most time, being a successful blogger with a great blogging career is not just about making money though. But if you are determined to make money from your blog then find out mistakes to avoid if you want to make money blogging.

Apart from making money blogging, some persons may want to make fame from their blogging career; it all depends on the individual. In all, your blog only needs one thing, which is traffic. If your blogging career is to be great, you need traffic, if your blog should bring you money, you need traffic also.

So how can you develop a great blogging career, such that your blog and all its content don’t just sit around somewhere on the internet and finally gets you to quit one day?

1. Start with a passion

[bctt tweet=”Passion is the oil that fuels life, anything you do with a passion can never fail, don’t let profit be your sole purpose.” username=”sealedgegraphix”]

Let passion be, such that your blogging career becomes your life, this way, when you share your ideas, every reader will feel you talking to him or her directly.

Most people only imitate others, it happened to me when I was starting out, I was pressured by a friend to start-up with what he believes everyone out there was searching for; “relationship”, he told me ‘write about relationship’, so I went writing what I was not passionate about, and it went down collapsing like a pack of card.

Blog about what you are passionate about, even if you don’t know it too well, you will be zealous to learn it and talk about it and as you do, you become a pro and people will flock after you.

2. Spread the word:

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are, and how good your articles are, if they don’t get to the right audience, they will remain a proper waste of time. And unfortunately spreading your message most times requires finance, which many start-up-bloggers don’t have handy, so how do you achieve fame without advertisement.

Here I will share some few tricks with you on how to spread your blog post without advert money.

Voluntary Services

The simplest way to tell people who you are and what you can do for them is by rendering them a voluntary service. If you can build websites, build one for a group, it could be your local church, a school group, a non-governmental organisation or so, and once you do that, your word is going to spread. Many people are going to hear about your service, and many will want to follow you. That is how a great blogging career starts.

Share Opinions

Most bloggers, often go online only to post and edit articles, some bloggers don’t even have time to read their own blog post. This is wrong, be an active user of your site, and that way, you can share your opinions on social media in a relevant way as well as forums. Ensure you don’t spam other websites, and just make positive effort to help people who need your help. Some bloggers are shy or so reserve that they don’t want to bother people with their emails or comments as well as suggestions.

3. Follow other successful bloggers

To me, the blogging platform has become a university. I have also learnt to give honour to whom it is due so that those behind me will do same to me. By the way, how do you expect people to follow you when you don’t follow others? Somehow, I feel guilty of this even as I write this article. Check out my list of Favourite bloggers I think you should follow. Why the guilt then, I can’t remember the last time I comment on an article, did you say too bad! Yeah, we read interesting articles every day and we keep mum as if the author should thank us for reading.

When you follow other bloggers, you will come to know how they built up that great blogging career you admire them for. You will begin to understand how the blogging environment works, and in time you may be lucky to get their approval which will result in getting you some backlinks.

These are but few tips that can help you develop a great blogging career.

Thanks and do let us know your opinion using the comment form below, we believe no one is too good to be elevated.