Here is everything you need to setup a Blog Site now

set up a blog site

setup a blog siteAre you wondering what it takes to setup a blog site? Or are you one of those, who have visited many sites and are still thinking when am I going to have a blog like this?

It is possible you keep procrastinating, thinking that it takes a group of company to setup a blog site like Forbes. And you just want to wait till you have a team like that of the Huffington Post, before you can venture to setup a blog site of yours.

My answer is you are never going to do a thing if you keep waiting for the right time. And remember, Rome was not built in a day. So if you asked me, I will say your time starts now.

And the good news is here for you, this guide will lead you through making those hard decisions you’re scared of dealing with.

Becoming a successful blogger, is not rocket science, it requires, hardwork and persistence. Before now, bloggers will have to learn HTML, CSS and other web development tools before venturing into blogging. Or they pay someone to do that for them. Thanks to the rise of platforms like; WordPress, Google Blogger, Joomla, Magneto and a host of others. Blogging is now easy, such that you don’t have to learn Html  and CSS anymore.

All you need to setup a blog site is the ideas this article is about to put into you. This article will also show you how to go about these ideas. If you read carefully, you will in no time be on your way to becoming a pro blogger.

Although it is easy to blog now, blogging is not cheap either. You will have to learn on a daily basis, make consistent effort and persist in a direction before you can reach stardom. This article is a timely effort to answer the many questions prospective bloggers worry about. Questions like; what and what do I need and how much does it cost. When I was about starting out I was faced with these questions. And I read a lot of tutorials but none was able to answer my questions except that they hurry to sell their products to me.

Decisions you should make before starting to setup a blog site.

  1. Decide what to blog about
  2. Choose a name for your blog site
  3. Decide the Platform you will blog with
  4. Create your Blog site
  5. Write posts, make it attractive and grow your traffic
  6. Monetize

Okay, now I am going to guide you through these six decision points to setup a blog site.

Deciding what you want to Blog About before you setup a blog site

Your blog needs content, valuable materials that will keep viewers coming and referring others to your site. The value of the content on your blog site is the number one thing you should have on hand before starting out. What you blog about should be something you enjoy doing, something you are good at, not something you don’t know much about. It should be that you are out to meet people’s need, by solving a problem they have been searching for the solution. I choose to rank this first in my list because I was guilty of it when I started blogging and I learnt my lesson the hard way. I was so excited about having a blog that I jump at it without first pondering on what to blog about.  Then I started posting all sorts of materials like news copied from other sites, every story that crop up in my mind. But as time goes on, I realize I was wasting time. I need to blog in a niche, or at least meet some persons need to be valuable.

Choosing a name for your blog site

The name you choose for your site, tells a lot about it, it can make or mar your success. On a general note, site names should not be too long, as lengthy names will be difficult to memorize. Your site name should tell people a bit of the site story. For instance if I have a blog on child care; naming such a site will be misleading. I rather name it or, any of this will be better. Also except you want to create a personal blog, you should avoid using your personal name as the site address, use generic names instead.

See how to choose a unique custom domain name.

Before you setup a blog site, decide the Platform you want to blog with

This is where many intending bloggers get stuck, for many reasons. Like, cost, Chances of Success, what and what will they pay for; these are major reasons many get stuck here. Also many newbies don’t know the difference between purchasing a domain name and purchasing a hosting service. As well as web design services. Hosting Service is different from domain purchase and web design also. Each of these requires a separate payment. Although you can get all from one dealer, you pay for each as a separate service. And in some cases some service providers may give one free when you purchase good quantity of the other services. I was stuck at this point also, so I know exactly the feelings down there.

Narrating my ordeal should help you understand these points very well. When I started blogging I was stuck between domain name and hosting provider. At first, I thought buying a domain was all I needed. In my thinking, domain was like territory that occupies everything. But later on I realize domain name is just the address of a site and nothing more. So when I bought my first domain with the little buck I had on me which was about $12, I realized that I must buy a hosting account too, which I could not afford then. For this reason I had to appreciate Google blogger, as it allows me to host my blog on its server for free and point it to my custom domain.  See 5 reasons you should start blogging with Google blogger.

Then later on, I bought my first hosting account, and then I realized I needed to pay for a website design. At this point I had to appreciate WordPress, as it allows me to install its software free just with a click.

So in a nutshell, what you want to achieve, and the resources available to you should determine the platform you choose. If you have money to buy a custom domain, buy one from or Else use Google blogger subdomain which will look like “”.

And you can host on Google free service or WordPress free service, note that these free services comes with limitations. But it is better than not starting out at all. You may also want to buy a hosting account and install your self-hosted Then look for a hosting company like Bluehost, Ehosts, Hostgator and others that will allow you install WordPress on their cpanel just with a click. And you are on to setting up your site. Since this post is a decision making process. I will not make any decision for you, nor dwell on any particular setup process, you are free to see various tutorials linked in the post.

Create your Blog site

Whatever platform you choose to blog with, go ahead and create your blog site. Once your blog site is created, start writing interesting posts. Ensure you make your site attractive and don’t forget you have to grow your traffic. Run campaigns, share on social media and also join forums that are in the same niche with your blog.

Monetizing your blog site

Monetization is the way by which you generate revenue from your site. There are many ways to monetize a site, you can apply for AdSense via Google AdSense, or sell a product on your site. You can meet advertisers directly to advertise on your site when you have started generating huge traffic. Also you can use affiliate marketing to generate revenue from your site. The major thing is write good posts, drive huge traffic to your site and the rest will be success all the way.

We hope you find this article interesting, let us know how we can help you further by commenting or send us a message. Don’t hesitate to share with a friend. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Have fun blogging.