Glo Mobile Nigeria Tariff Plans And Subscription

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GLO Mobile has remained the best Mobile Network service provider in Nigeria. Both for mobile calls and mobile data subscriptions. The calling rates are relatively cheaper and any data consumer using the GLO mobile data can testify to this verifiable fact that GLO mobile data is more reliable.
GLO Mobile has been able to dominate the mobile industry through its various offers and cool tariff plans which are not only affordable but also free to opt into, for all Glo Mobile users.

If you’ve been a Glo Mobile user for a period of time or a new subscriber, you may also have been looking for ways to migrate from one tariff plan to another and you do not know how to!

Chances are, you’ve heard of special rewards or packages your fellow Glo Mobile subscribers are enjoying and you want to enjoy the same too! If this is true, continue reading, because that is what this article seeks to address, after now, you will become acquainted with  “Glo Mobile most Amazing Offers and Tariff Plans”

This article is an easy guide, for every Glo Mobile subscriber who wants to migrate to Glo Mobile most affordable tariff plan ever! Although what may be amazing to Mr. A may not be for Mr. B, hence Glo Mobile offers a variety of tariff plans, and I’m certain that whatever your needs are, there is a plan in this list that will make you enjoy good calling rates with Glo Mobile.


The GLO Mobile 11k/s plan allows all prepaid subscribers (both old and new) to call other GLO Mobile subscribers in Nigeria at a flat call rate of 11k/s with no daily access fee!, this plan also enables GLO Mobile subscribers to call all other networks in Nigeria and thirty (30) international destinations at a flat call rate of 15k/s after the deduction of a daily access fee of  #5 .

The 30 international destinations are; Australia, US, Spain, Sweden, UK, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Romania, Rico, Reunion island, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French, Guam, Guiana, Hong, Mongolia, Mexico, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto, Kong, India, Israel, Japan and Luxembourg

The plan also enables you to send on-net SMS at #4 per SMS, off-net SMS at #4 per SMS and International SMS at #35 per SMS.  In addition, you get 10minutes free browsing data MONTHLY! so long as you use your mobile line every month. But occurs only after the first 30 days you opt into the plan. The 10minutes free data has a validity period of days.

To Migrate to  GLO Mobile 11K/S PLAN, Dial; *211#.


This is another cool plan from GLO Mobile. GLO customers on this plan can call other Nigeria networks at the rate of 22k/s, and at the same time have the privilege to add up 10 families and friends’ numbers from any network at a call rate of 11k/s.

This tariff plan is best if you have a selection of numbers you call regularly.
All you have to do is to add these frequent call numbers to your 10 chosen family and friends numbers upon migration to this plan.

To Migrate to the GLO INFINITO tariff, Dial *100*9*2#, then press the send button

  • After migration, Dial *101*1*number# to add your 10 chosen family (Frequently contacted numbers) and friends numbers. i.e.; *101*1*07030000000#, then SEND, to add the number.


Glo Mobile created this prepaid tariff plan for subscribers who love great bonuses. This tariff plan gives you 200% bonus on all recharge above N100.

It gives you 3 times the value of your recharge back. So, when you recharge #100 for instance, you get #300. Calling rate on this same plan is charged, 50k/s for on-net and off-net call.

To Migrate to Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan; dial *100*10*1# then press send, then you are set to enjoy great bonus offer.  Also, to check your bonus balances for this tariff, dial #122*2#.


The GLO jollific8 tariff plan is for new Glo subscribers only, it offers a great bunch of bonus. Existing Glo Subscribers who wish to join this plan are only allowed access if they purchase a new Glo sim pack.

Below are the numerous Benefits of Glo JOLLIFIC8 Tariff Plan

When you recharge from #100 and above, you get a bonus for GLO to GLO calls and another bonus to call all Mobile networks in Nigeria. You can see the amount in the list below
a} If you recharge #100, you will get #50 to call all other networks, #450 for GLO to GLO calls and additional 25MB data.
b} If you recharge #200, you get #100 to call all other networks, #900 for GLO to GLO calls and 50MB data.
c} when you recharge #500, you get #250 to call all other networks, #2,250 for GLO to GLO calls and 125MB data.
d} recharging #1000 will reward you with #500 to call all other networks, #4,500 for GLO to GLO calls and 250MB data.
e} And when you recharge with the sum of #5000, you get rewarded with #2,500 to call all other networks, #22,500 for GLO to GLO calls and 1.25G worth of data.

The amazing part of it is that; you can transfer your bonus to another GLO subscriber.

When you are on this tariff plan, your call rate is charged at 67k/s for both on-net and off-net calls. Your bonus expires 60days after recharge. You can also enjoy this plan and still be on Glo Jollof, Biggy and IDD packs.

There is no Migration code for GLO jollific8, the only code you need to activate this plan is to get a new GLO Mobile sim pack, Register and activate it and you are in.
For you to enjoy the 8 times bonus,  when you are want to recharge, remember to dial *123*PIN# and your sim card will automatically be credited with the 8 times bonus!

Below are some useful code for this tariff plan;

  • dial #122# to check voice bonus
  • dial *606# to check data bonus
  • dial *606#, then follow the screen prompt to transfer data to another GLO subscriber.


The GLO twin bash tariff plan offers a #1,200 worth of bonus for every #200 data purchase.

This tariff plan is for you if you are a heavy data consumer, as a subscriber when you purchase #200 Glo mobile data, you are given 200mb data which is worth #800. And another #200 airtime bonus to call 10 family and friends numbers. In all, you get #1,200 value for just #200 data purchase, valid for 4 days.

If for instance, you recharge with #500, you get 500mb data, #500 airtime to call all other networks, plus #500 airtime to call 10 family and friends numbers, valid for 7 days.
You get even more bonus when you recharge up to #1000. #1000 free airtime to call and send SMS to all other networks and #1000 bonus airtime to call 10 family and friends numbers, valid for 15 days.

To start enjoying the Glo Twin Bash Tariff Plan, dial *223*recharge pin# send


In my Opinion, this is the best GLO tariff plan ever!.
With zero access charge and low call rates, you are able to talk on and on with many clients. When you are on this plan, you make calls from GLO to GLO, GLO to other networks at a flat rate of 12k/s. While calls between GLO bounce subscribers are charged 5k/s. Subscribers on the campus zones also enjoy 5k/s on calls to all GLO subscribers after making the first minute of the day at #40. This tariff also gives free night calls from 12:00 a.m to 4:5 a.m after spending not less than #30 worth of airtime between 12: 01 a.m to 11:59 a.m.

You also get a bonus of 30MB data for every recharge of #200 and above, the bonus is valid for 7 days.
You won’t get the 30mb if your recharge is done electronically. This plan also allows you to enjoy the ring back tune subscription free for one month.

To Migrate to Glo Bounce Tariff Plan

  • dial *170*4# press SEND to migrate
  • dial *170*9# press SEND to be on the CAMPUS ZONE
  • dial #122# to check your data balance
  • dial #124*1# to check your account directly.


This plan rewards you with double of your daily usage the next day. There are no conditions attached, you simply get twice of what you spent today tomorrow. So start no, the more you use today, the more reward you get tomorrow.

To Migrate to GLO FREE TOMORROW Tariff Plan

Just dial *300# press SEND, then enjoy.


The Glo Gbam tariff plan is for everyone! As a subscriber on the Gbam tariff plan, you enjoy free data, low call rates, low SMS cost, free night calls, Sunday talk express promo benefits, and many more.

Features of the Glo Gbam Tariff Plan

  • On the Glo Gbam tariff plan, on-net call rate is charged at15k/s,
  • Family and friends call rate is at 9k/s and also to 5 special GLO mobile numbers,
  • Off-net call rate is charged at 15k/s,
  • On-net SMS costs #4/sms,
  • Off-net SMS costs #4/sms,
  • International SMS costs #10/sms.
  • You enjoy data bonus of 5MB daily for browsing, valid for 24hours.

To Migrate To Glo Gbam Tariff Plan

  • dial *100*5*1# press SEND to migrate.
  • dial *101*1*number# SEND to add the 5 special numbers
  • dial *101*2*existing special number* new special number#, SEND to modify special numbers.


The GLO generation G Tariff Plan comes with amazing packages and rewarding call rates.
Switching to this tariff plan enables you to enjoy special offers like;

  • 50% bonus on all recharge of #100,
  • 100% bonus on all recharge of #200,
  • 200% bonus on all recharge of #500 upward!

You will also enjoy discounted campus zone call rates, discounted peeps call rate to other G generation members, free 15MB data for every recharge of #200 and above, and UNLIMITED SMS.

To Migrate to Glo Generation G Tariff Plan

Just dial *170*5# SEND to join the plan.

Enjoy! Read More on Mobile Networks.