How I got My Business Listed on Google Front Page for Free

google front page

google front pageDo you have a business or an idea you want to show to the world and you don’t know how get it in front of everyone? Then relax and read how I got my business listed on Google front page.

To begin, type the business name Sealedge Graphics into your browser, and see how it shows up on the Google front page search result. Try it yourself, isn’t that great?

If you want your own business to show up likewise when search your business name on google, then follow the steps below.

Create a Gmail Account

To get access to google business tools, you are going to need a Gmail account. If you have one already, ignore the following section and go to logging in, into your Gmail account.

For those who don’t have a Gmail account yet, here is how to create a Gmail account,  click here  to open the gmail signup page, then fill the form that shows up and submit to create your email account. Login with the Email ID and password you just created.

Click here to visit google my business  and fill the required details of your business, click next to complete the process and submit.  Thereafter you will be asked to verify your business follow the process of verification and submit a request for verification pin.

Ensure you enter correct details, through which you can be contacted, because Google will mail your verification pin to you anywhere you are on the globe. It usually takes two to three weeks to arrive, and until you verify your business with the verification pin, your business will not be published.

Edit your Business on Google

Congratulations you are now set to get listed or Google my business, while you wait for the verification code, take some time to beautify your business page on Google. Add an image that tells the story or location of your business, add your services and time of operation, you may also choose to add your contact details and so on.