Here is how you should start grooming your Graphics design skills

graphics design skillsGraphic Design as an art requires several skills to draw, color, shape and arrange objects alongside with text to present visual communication of ideas or messages. The uses of graphics design range from logo designs, presentation, illustration and even engineering designs. Graphic design is as old as the world itself, from the ancient woodcarver to the pen and ink artist down to the digital illustrations of the current age, there seems to be a link between them and that link is creativity; that ability to bring to reality by transforming what was either to a mirage, or a dream, in the mind of the artist into a pictorial view and in most cases brought to life.

Developing your passion for Graphics Design Skills

Passion is the oil that fuels creativity, the passion to see life out of an object that was just a vague existence before it is designed; like the Master Designer Himself, it certain that passion was behind the creation of the world and its beauties.

To develop good graphics design skills, you must have a passion for graphics design. Moving a step further to developing this passion implies learning one or more packages that will enhance your creativity.

How to develop your passion for Graphics Design Skills

Your passion for graphics design skills should begin by your being able to identify graphics in everything you can see. Yea I mean everything visible has an underlying pattern or design that makes the object visible.

Be it a digital image or an archaic drawing, graphics is the underlying concept the makes it intriguing and attractive.

Software you may need to develop your Graphics Design Skills

A lot of applications are available to help enhance your skills as a graphic designer. We shall list a few here and in due course provide you with the various tutorials you will need to become a good graphics designer.

And to further enhance your skills in desktop publishing; we shall be teaching you how to make a logo design, brochure design, magazines, billboards, and poster

To achieve this, we will help you get used to some graphics tools you will need to make these graphic designs. Below is some Graphics application that may be of help to you.

Adobe Photoshop


Corel Photo-Paints

Corel Painter

Adobe Illustrator


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