How to Drive Huge Traffic to your Niche Blogsite with Niche Content

niche content

niche contentDo you know that your online success is 75% dependent on your content? I want to believe you have successfully setup a blog site. But if you haven’t, read this: all you need to set up your blog site now. Thereafter, you will want to populate your site with important articles that will bring more visitors to your site. If you want to ascend your site ranking on Google and other search engines, then your site’s needs unique content related to your niche. Niche Content is very keen to Google ranking system and AdSense approval.

How important is Niche content to Online Marketing

Online marketing is dependent on the content of your site. When you market online, you sell products on behalf of their producers. The products you sell are related to the content of your site because your viewers are deemed to be interested in what they read about, hence the reason they visit your site always. For this reason, your site must be known for a particular purpose (Niche content) referred to as niche.

Niche content enables a search engine to rank and classify your site. This means that your site can easily be served when someone searches for a related content. When your site’s content cannot be grouped into a niche, it becomes difficult to be ranked by search engines and it may not be served to users.

What to have in mind when choosing a niche,

Your niche is you:  Other words for niche are: vocation, calling, function or position. Replacing niche with any of these words should give you a clearer picture of what you should have in mind. If your niche is your calling, it implies you should choose what you are passionate about. And when it is a vocation, probably what you are versatile in, or your live long function or position.

Knowing about a thing may not necessarily mean you know the A-Z of it, but a good knowledge with a passion to dig further is okay to start with.

Study the Competition: You should also consider the competition already existing in that niche; have a look at what your competitors are doing. If you must compete, you must do something different; otherwise, you might just be reinventing the wheels. Some niches are so saturated such that making success in them requires a strong competition. Niches like News, Entertainment etc., you need to go an extra mile before getting notice.

Try mirroring it: Even a saturated niche can hold a lot if you know your audience. Targeting your would-be reader can help you succeed. To target your audience, then you first become your audience (mirror) then find out what you want more, i.e. what you haven’t got from what others (your competitors) have been putting up. And when you find out what is missing in your competitors, then build on it within the niche.

Try the never saturated niche: Whereas some niches are saturated, they can never be oversaturated. Such niche like: “How To”. People always want to learn, and a single thing can be done in many different ways, therefore teaching people how to do a thing can never be oversaturated.

Finally Remain Focused On Your Chosen Niche

To focus your content on a niche implies you concentrate either on a chosen industry or a particular product/service. For instance, when I need help on WordPress issue, I usually visit And when I want to improve my site SEO and general blogging skills, I visit These are good examples of niche content blogs.

Focusing your brand on a niche implies you put that product or industry at the center of your content. And allow all your content connect to it, your niche content should provide solutions to people who use the product when it is a product. And when it is an industry or service, your content should provide answers to challenges faced by the people in that industry.

Niche Content points to focus on

To begin choosing a niche, you should start by identifying a product or industry/service you are passionate about, and when you have chosen one, then ask yourself the following question:

  1. What is the challenge people face with this product/industry/service?
  2. Can I provide the solutions/answers
  3. Where there are no clear answers/solutions, can I provide an alternative?
  4. Are there innovations or new ways of doing things I can propose?

Answering this question can be an eye opener for you.

Don’t forget, everything is built upon another, i.e.  See the works of other people and improve on them. There is no original manuscript anymore, we all borrow from each other, but what is important is the way you make it unique (making it your own) and that way you never get caught. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google., Happy blogging.