Ignore this little things and your graphic design work will suffer

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As a graphic designer, you will create logos that represent brand identity. You will design brochures, magazines, websites and a host of other visuals. So you should be versatile to deliver on your job. The business of visual communication is very competitive. Your graphic design work should be near excellent if not perfect. In this article, you will read about some little things that your clients may not be comfortable with. And if you want your graphic design work to be effective, you will have to avoid these turn-offs.

Double spacing after a Punctuation mark

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Avoid using double spaces after a punctuation mark. Many graphics designers do this consciously, and some do it unconsciously. Whichever class you fall into, keep in mind that it is not a good practice.  Henceforth, don’t allow a double space after a punctuation mark.

Be Cautious where to use Borders

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Don’t use borders around everything you design, borders are useful, but only at the right places. You may notice some white spaces in your design, allow them to stand and don’t cover them up with a borders.

Use standard Indents only on your graphic design work

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Check your indentation, and ensure you don’t use half em, the standard practice is one em space. A half em indent will not immediately show that there is an indentation to the reader. Instead, to most readers, it may appear like a mistake in the paragraph alignment.

Avoid using Hyphens in place of Bullets

graphic design work 4When you are adding bullets, try using a dot, or any other symbol apart from a hyphen. This is because using a hyphen is unprofessional and it will not appear as a bullet at first sight

Know where to use Embossing and Drop Shadowed on Typefaces

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Some graphics design application comes with a lot of tools that allows you to add many effects to your work. These effects include embossing, drop shadows and a host of others. Although these effects are good in beautifying your graphic designs, don’t overuse them. Embossing a smaller typeface with a drop shadow will distort your presentation. Since the typeface is not large enough to hold the shadows underneath it.

Upgrade your ability to Spell and construct grammar

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Learning the art of designing alone will not make you a good graphic designer. You will also need to improve your vocabulary. This is to enable you to the check spelling errors that might occur in your work. This is very important because too much spelling errors will turn your clients away.

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