Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software

Graphics Design Software

CorelDraw is a vector-based Graphics Design program that makes it easy for you to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. The enhanced text-handling capabilities of CorelDraw allows you to create text with special effects, fills, and backgrounds for different projects such as brochures, calendars, cards, and lots more.

CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software is further enriched with high-tech drawing and designs ability, like the ability to trim bitmaps, intersects bitmaps, convert paragraph text to curves and a host of other features. It needs a creative mind to put it to work; you can create eye-catching effects, text & backgrounds just there on your desktop with CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software. As you read this article ‘Introduction to CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design Software’, practice each point you get to and make sure you are used to it before advancing to the next stage.

Having used CorelDraw for over ten years, it remains my favourite application when graphic design is needed. Thanks to the Corel Corporation Team. CorelDraw comes is versions, and the most recent version is CorelX8. But you will need CorelDrawx4 Graphics Design software for this lesson because this version is more stable across many operating systems. But you don’t have to worry, once you are used to this version, getting used to a higher version is just a click.

I assume you have a system running windows 7 and a copy of CorelDrawx4 installed on the system. Else visit to get a copy.

Beginning CorelDRAW X4 Graphics Design Software

To begin, point to Start on your desktop,

Select All Programs

Then click on CorelDRAW Graphics Suitx4

Select CorelDRAW X4

The program load and present you with the CorelDRAWX4 window

CorelDrawx4 Screen View;

Graphics Design Software

If you are taking the tutorial please endeavor to practice and understand each step carefully before advancing to the next. To begin, it is important that you to take note of the following terms as you will be encountering them often.

MENU:- This is a line of arranged command that appear either at the bottom or top of the computer screen e.g start menu, file menu etc.

ICONS:- This are symbols which represent certain commands, they execute same when you click on them (they serve as shortcuts).

TOOLBARS:- A group of buttons that provides quick access to a series of related commands. In CorelDraw, you can either create your own toolbars or make use of the preset toolbars.

DIALOG BOX:- Is an information box which appears after you must have given the computer a task to perform, bringing you options to choose from in other to complete the task to your specified choice.

FILE: When you create a drawing in CorelDraw and want to store it for future use you save it into your computer hard-disk or a removable disk it is now called a file.

SAVE: This means storing or keeping your drawings with a particular name for future use.

Looking at the CorelDRAW X4 window you can see icons and menus arranged across the top and the sides as well, to be able to use this programme effectively, you must first familiarize yourself with each of this icons and menus, know what each stands for and know when to use it.

(It is recommended that you study the picture above properly and refer to it where necessary).

At the top of the screen is the Title Bar, of course, this is common in almost every application window; hence there is no need to label it here nor elaborate on it. The second bar across the top is the MENU BAR a closer look on this item you will notice it has sub-headings like File – Edit – View – etc. the menu bar gives you access to virtually everything you may need in using CorelDraw. Each of the sub-heading opens a fly-out when you click on it with the mouse, revealing the various actions that can be carried out by each sub-menu, we shall look at each of these menus in detail in subsequent discussions.

STANDARD TOOLBAR, the third line as shown in the picture, it contains a lot of icons which are used to perform certain tasks, it serves as a shortcut otherwise all actions obtainable through this bar are also available on the Menu bar.


The Information on the property bar changes along with the current object(s) selected (e.g.) in the picture above, no object was selected thus the page’s properties were displayed.


The rulers are displayed along the screen vertically and horizontally to allow you specify the size of your object. The rulers can be hidden or displayed, if it is not displayed on your screen, click on the View menu and see if there is a check mark on Rulers if no check mark, click on it to view rulers.


On the left-hand side of the screen is a rectangular box which contains some icons, this is called the toolbox, it is the most important feature in CorelDraw as all the actions you need to perform are all based on either of this tools. The various tools with be discussed in details under TOOLBOX:-


On the right-hand side is a rectangular box showing swatches of different colours, this is called the colour palette, you chose colours for your objects and texts by clicking the particular colour on this palette.


At the middle of the screen in a white box surrounded by a tiny outline called the page border, the middle of the outline is the drawing page within which you can position your drawing, though you can still position objects outside these borders, such objects are said to be on the desktop, therefore, all the area labeled desktop on the image are referred to as such.


This is the line at the bottom of the screen, just as it is called status; it gives you update your mouse position, what is selected, the width and height of the selected object as well as the fill colour and outline colour of the said object. The status bar is like a driver’s side mirror.

Note: all the menus are moveable; therefore what appears on your screen may be a bit different from what you see here.

I hope you practice every step, as the article is crucial to your understanding of Coreldrawx4 Graphics Design software. You can proceed to the next stage: Detail Tutorial on Corelx4 Graphics Design Software

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