iPhone release rumours make the round again

iPhone release rumours

Have you ever wondered what it is with iPhone, that each release must first come with a series of rumours? Well trust those guys at Apple, they sure know how to up their games, to keep the price of their product soaring. The iPhone release rumours are here again, as the giant tech plans to release a new suite of iPhone this fall.

According to Juli Clover, it first came up on Weibo, the Chinese social network. That the next sets of iPhone to be released by Apple are likely to ship with 18W, USB-C charger. The 18W, USB-C charger is the type most Android phones uses unlike the 5W chargers iPhone ship with. Rumour as it sounds but it bears some weight being that Apple recently made the same switch for its Mac products. If the rumour is true, it will be a welcome development that will light a smile on the face of iPhone lovers. What if the switch is the only improvement for the new iPhone? Will the users still smile or be willing to ditch their old phones for the new ones?

No, I don’t think so, wait a minute the iPhone release rumours echoes still

Noise filtering into my ears indicates that the new set of iPhones may come with other features. This seems to be coming from a credible source, close to the production circle.

The iPhone release rumours suggest that the next iPhone may be coming with dual SIM features. Like Samsung did when it added removable SIM slots. It also suggests that the new iPhone may come with bigger screens to gulp up more money.

As if that is not enough, it also suggests that more colours and cosmetics might be added to the new release. Well, it all rumoured, whatever you’ve heard is not 100% guaranteed. But one thing is sure, Apple is set to release its new iPhone at the time the tech giant is waxing stronger.

But how come, the rumour is coming from China? Could the next iPhone be made in China? 

If you were planning to ditch iPhone because of the charger or single SIM issue, be patient till the next release.