Making a Booklet In Microsoft Word Part II

add image
This tutorial is an advanced level of making a booklet in Microsoft Word, for better understanding ensure you read and practice our previous tutorial on making a booklet in Microsoft Word 2010, and follow the process of adding text to a table of content, then open the document you formatted in the previous tutorial and continue from there.
At this level, we are going to add images to the booklet, insert page numbers, headers, and footers, insert and edit the table of content.

Adding Images to a Booklet in Microsoft Word

Because we want the images we are adding to cut across columns and margins without limitations, we are going to place the images in a text box, so as to allow for easy movement and placement.
To insert images, first we insert a text box to hold the image;
1.   Click Insert to switch the ribbon to the Insert Tab,
2.   Click on Text Box
3.   Click Draw Text Box, Click and drag inside your page to draw a rectangular box.
insert textbox
4.   Place the cursor inside the TextBox
5.   On the Insert Tab, Click Picture, in the Insert Picture Box that appears, Select the image you want to use and click Insert
insert textbox1
6.   Observe that the picture is covering your text and that there is an unwanted border around the text box;
7.   Select the text box
8.       Click the Drawing Tools that appear above the ribbon when the TextBox is selected
9.       Click Wrap Text,
10.   Click Square
11.   Click Shape Outline
12.   Click No Outline
Now the image should be beside the text and without any border, you can move it to any position of your choice and stretch as you may.
Note: to place the image behind text like a watermark, follow all the steps except 8 above, in place of square choose Behind Text

Working with Page Numbers:

First you determine how many parts you want to separate your booklet into, most books are split between the preliminary pages and the main pages, the preliminary pages like introduction, preface, dedication etc. usually come in Roman numerals while the others are numbered in Arithmetical figures, to achieve these, you will need to insert a section break at the splitting point.
To insert a section break,
1.   Place your cursor where you want the break
2.   Click Page Layout to switch to the layout tab,
3.   Click Breaks, in the flyout under Section Breaks, choose Next page
Note that your document is now in two sections, such that you can specify different properties for each section without it affecting the other.
Now insert the page numbers
1.           Click Insert to switch to the Insert Tab
2.           Click Page Numbers, from the pull-down choose Top of Page to show the numbers at the Top of the page or Bottom as the case may be. Click on any of the formats to apply.
Numbering in Ms Word
Page number automatically shows up on all your pages starting from (1)
Edit Page Numbers (For Section One)
1.   Position your cursor in section one
2.   Follow step 1 and 2 above
3.   Then choose Format Page numbers
4.   In the Page Numbers Format box that appears, change the Number Format to your choice  (i.e. a,b,c… or i,ii,iii…) and Click OK
Edit Page Numbers (For Section Two)
Position your cursor in section two
1.   Follow step 2 – 3 above
2.   In the Page Number Format box change the number format to Arithmetical Number, under Page Number choose Start at and enter the desired starting number in the Box.
Ms Word Numbering
In the previous tutorial Making a booklet in Microsoft Word, we made a list of headings to make-up the table of content, but that table is not visible yet, to make the table of content visible, we have to insert it into the position it is expected to show up.
To Insert a Table of Content;
1.   Click References to switch the ribbon to References tab
2.   Click Table of contents,
3.   Click Insert Table of Content
4.   On the table of content dialog box that appears, Select the options you want (Show page numbers, Alignment etc.)  
5.   For more setting Click the Options button.
6.   Click Ok when you are done, the table of content appears on your document with page numbers.
Note: Holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on any link on the Table Of Content takes you to that page in the document, you can also adjust your Table Of Content Manually
You can update it automatically after every change you make on the document
To update a Table of Content;
1.   Click Reference
2.   Click Update table,
3.   In the Update Table of contents dialog box that appears, choose whether to Update Entire Table or to Update Numbers only.
That is the much we can take for this tutorial, watch out for part III of Making a Booklet in Microsoft Word, for more features, like adding notes, indexes, headers, and footers etc.