Making your Graphics Designs Relevant in 2017

Graphic is the visual representation of information and ideas in such a way that draws attention and effectively communicate the message, therefore every graphic design should be guided by certain rules, if it seeks to stand the test of time. In this discourse we examine some factors that can be of help in making your graphic designs relevant in 2017, keeping in mind the emergence of new technologies, shift in humans thinking, perception and the desire of the age.

Objective of a design

Every graphic design is to meant serve a purpose, therefore the graphic artist must have a good knowledge of this purpose, else the design will fall short of its objective, the purpose or uses of the design goes a long way to determine the fonts selection, the colour scheme and colour appreciation, the sizes of font and spacing between them as well as the sizes given to the objects and the overall presentation. Objective comes in many fronts, if a design is meant for a warning then it should bear symbols and colours that tends to warn, if the design is an invitation for an event that requires affection then the images and colors should say so as well. If the design is towards educational teaching, then it should be very legible with minimal colors, except it is for the kinds, if a design is going be placed on a moving vehicles then the lettering should be very bold and conspicuous enough to be read from a distance, these are some objectives a designer should focus on.
Legibility is an overall objective in graphics design, as the entire design will be rendered useless when not legible and unable to communicate any message.

Being up to date will help in making your Graphics Designs Relevant in 2017

Every good graphics designer should be up to date with the industry’s current trend, knowing what is in vogue as relate to graphics UI, a time it was when multi coloured designs and high-level graphics like 2D, 3D plastics effects and raised surfaces were in vogue, and overtime it faded off giving rise to simple blending colours and flat surfaces, keeping tide with current evolution will help the designers to remain relevant and attractive to clients.

Use Modern Technology to make your Graphics Designs Relevant

As Technology keeps updating itself, things that hitherto were not possible becomes possible, a graphic designer who wishes to stay relevant must up date and upgrade, imagine someone still doing graphics with CorelDraw 9 when there is CorelX7, so many features will be lacking for the designer to manipulate designs.

Learn to choose Typefaces

One way to make your Graphics Designs Relevant in 2017 is having a good knowledge of typeface, you must learn how to choose and manipulate typefaces, every good graphic artist, should have a library of typefaces in his brain and keep updating that library regularly, typefaces are a major voice in designs they give the word or sentence the face which viewers look at when interpreting the message, a wrong typeface will be a minus.