Microsoft Word tutorial; Changing Ms Word View

Have you been working on a document in Microsoft Word and you are not comfortable with the appearance of the document, yet you don’t know what to do? If your answer is yes, then read on to know how you can change Ms Word View. In Ms Word, there are five different way to view your document on your screen. You may want your document to appear like a web page, a series of outlined points, or a full screen without borders whichever your choice of view is, you can achieve this if only you know how to change Ms Word View.

Where to find you Ms word View Buttons


Ms Word is the short name for Microsoft Word if you are not aware, take note so that you don’t get confused when you see both being used interchangeably here on this site.

Ms Word ViewTo change your Ms Word view, you have two options, either by clicking the view tab on your Ms Word Ribbon at the top of the screen, or you use the view buttons and the bottom of the screen just beside the zoom slider.


Ms Word View 1

Why will you want to change Ms Word View?

Well, this question is answerable by the individual. Microsoft Corporation the inventor of Microsoft Word definitely took into cognizance the many persons who were going to make use of the application and the various instances they will be using it and for that reason, the included five different types views into the application, we shall discuss each view below, maybe after reading, you will definitely know when and how to use each of these views.

Print Layout View

The Print Layout View appears to be the default view in Ms Word, in this view, your document appears as it will when printed, objects like drawing and images are shown on the page and the page borders as well as the columns and the entire formatting of the document a visible in the print layout view. If you are viewing a document in Ms Word, and you can’t see the images and drawing, then you have to switch the Ms Word View to Print Layout View, by opening the view tab and clicking on ‘Print Layout’

Full-Screen Reading View

The Full-screen reading view is simply a view that allows you to read a document distraction-free, this view shows everything in the document just as the print layout view, the difference, however, is that all other objects like menu and buttons on the application disappear from the screen to allow a full-screen view of the document. After switching to the full-screen view, switching back requires that you press the ESC key on your keyboard to return to the normal view

Web Layout View

The Web Layout View will display your document as it will appear on a webpage, the view is more useful to web developers. In this view, your images will appear as they will when viewed online.

Outline View

In the outline view, the document appears in series of outline, images and objects are not visible. Page borders are not visible also, sections break are indicated with double-dotted lines. The outline view is useful when you want to move a section of the document to another document, create a subdocument and so on.

Draft View

The draft view is used for quick editing of text in a document. For instance, if you are working on a document that carries a lot of images, the application may take a longer time to process and show every detail, the easiest way to edit such a document will be to switch the Ms Word View to Draft.

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