Microsoft Word Tutorial; Inserting Ms Word Clip art and Images

ms word clip art 4

Do you desire to make a publication with Ms Word and you want to include illustrations and images to buttress your point, but don’t know how to go about it? If yes, then relax because, in this article, I will be showing you how to use Ms Word Clip Art and Images to beautify your document.

Ms Word Clip Art is a set of pre-made images which you can easily include in your document with the click of a button. The clip art is segmented into categories, such that you can do a search for a particular category of your choice. For instance when you are searching for clip art for Schools, Education, Decoration, Animals and Holidays project.

Inserting Ms Word Clip Art  into your document

ms word clip artTo insert a Ms Word Clip Art into your document, Click the Insert menu, on the insert tab that opens, click  Clip Art on the Ms word Ribbon.

ms word clip art 1Clicking the Ms Word Clip Arts button will bring up the Clip Art panel on the right side of your workspace. In the clip art panel, you will need to enter the title of the search object in the Search for box, while in the next tab you can specify the type of image you expect, either as a photograph, video, audio, an illustration or as in our image All media file types.

By default, Microsoft Word is installed with a few of these clip arts copied to your hard drive. These are the ones you can access offline, so if your search for certain image returns a fewer result, you can get more Ms Word clip art online, by checking the Include content checkbox.

To insert any of the previewed clip art into your document, click on the image. You can edit or manipulate the inserted Ms Word clip Art using the picture tools that appear on the Ms Word Ribbon. You can delete the clipart using the delete button or the word clip art 2

Insert a customized image into your Ms Word Documents

You may not find the image that clearly expresses your message in Ms Word clip art, then you will be left with one option only; to create an image in any image editing tool and insert the image into your document. In this section, I will be showing you how to insert an image of your own from your camera/hard-drive into your Ms Word document.

Using Ms Word 2010, you can insert images stored on your storage device into your Ms Word document. To insert images into your document, Click Insert, on the inset menu tab that opens, click the Picture icon that appears in the insert tab on the Ms Word Ribbon.

ms word clip art 4The Insert Picture dialogue box appears on the screen, in the dialogue box, select the location where the image is stored, select the particular image you want to insert and click Insert. The picture is now inserted into your document. You can edit inserted pictures and clip arts using the Picture tool that appears on the Ms Word Ribbon each time a picture is selected.

This tutorial assumes you’ve got a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, but if you haven’t, then begin here with a basic understanding of Ms Word.