Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Creating PowerPoint Presentation

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In my previous post, Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint, I introduced you to the basis of creating PowerPoint Presentation. Here I am going to give you more detail on creating your first PowerPoint presentation, ensure you have read the previous post and get familiar with the basics of starting Microsoft PowerPoint.

There are several ways of creating PowerPoint presentation, and one of the numerous ways is to start from scratch. Starting from the scratch implies, you are creating PowerPoint presentation from a blank presentation. When you open a blank presentation, you have much more flexibility over your presentation looks and feel.

We will also look at how you can create a presentation from an existing template.

Creating PowerPoint presentation from the Scratch

To start a presentation from the scratch, on your PowerPoint window, click the File tab > New, and a panel will be displayed as in the image below.

creating PowerPoint presentation 1Select the Blank presentation icon by clicking on the image thumbnail (note that each selected icon is shown boldly in the preview window, with the create icon below it) once the icon is selected, then click Create.

A new blank PowerPoint presentation is now opened for you to start working on. Now you are going to start customizing and your presentation, it is however advised that you save the presentation immediately to avoid losing any changes. See how to save your PowerPoint presentation here.

Creating PowerPoint presentation from an existing template

You may want to give up the flexibility of building your presentation from the scratch for speed and thus prefer instead to create your presentation based on an existing PowerPoint template.

Creating a presentation from an existing template may limit your ability to customize your design, but it definitely will pay-off saving lots of your time and effort.

A PowerPoint presentation template comes with defined backgrounds, font styles, colours and sizes for text placeholders. Bullets are also designed to match the template. Using an existing template implies that you don’t have to worry about choosing a background, font styles, colours, and bullets. There are a number of stylish templates built into PowerPoint by default, and you can download additional templates from

creating PowerPoint presentation 2To create a new PowerPoint presentation using an existing template, Click the File tab > New. On the menu that appears (see the image above), click on Sample Templates. Thumbnails of inbuilt samples are now displayed as in the image below.

creating PowerPoint presentation 3Select any of the templates and click Create. Now your presentation has just been created based on your selected template. In our next tutorial, I will be showing you how to edit your PowerPoint Presentation.

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