Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Editing PowerPoint Presentation

Editing PowerPoint Presentation 1

After creating a PowerPoint presentation, you are required to save it for further use. To begin editing PowerPoint presentation, you will need to open the file you created earlier. To open a previous presentation, see Beginning PowerPoint Presentation. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to edit your presentation, like selecting a slide, adding a slide, deleting a slide, moving and editing slide contents.

Selecting and Editing PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Editing PowerPoint Presentation 1When you open a PowerPoint presentation, by default, PowerPoint displays slides in Normal View mode, i.e. the selected slide is shown at the centre of your screen with the thumbnails of all the slides by the left-hand side (if your view is different, see switching PowerPoint View Mode). To select a slide, click on the slide thumbnail on the left-hand side of the screen, the selected slide is then displayed at the centre of your screen.

Adding a Slide to your Presentation

There are several ways you can add a new slide to your presentation. When adding a slide, note that the currently selected slide will always come before the new slide. This implies that if you intend to insert a slide before the last slide in the presentation, you will need to select the slide before the last slide of the presentation. After selecting the slide you want to come before the new slide you are inserting, click Home > New Slide. The  New Slide button is segmented into two made up of an image and the text “New Slide.”

Editing PowerPoint Presentation 3Clicking on the top half, a default slide with provision for Title and Content will be added to your presentation. But if you click the bottom half of the (the text “New Slide”), you will arrive at the screen below where you can to select the type of slide you wish to add.

Editing PowerPoint Presentation 2Pressing Ctrl + M on your keyboard will automatically insert a default slide with space for title and content.

Deleting a Slide from your Presentation

Deleting a slide from your presentation is quite easy as it can be done in several ways. Below are some ways you can delete a slide from your presentation.

Ensure the slide you want to delete is selected and then you can;

  • Press delete key on your keyboard
  • Or Press the backspace key on your keyboard
  • Or right-click the slide and select Delete Slide from the menu that appears

You can also select multiple slides by holding down the Ctrl key as you click on each slide you want to add to your selection. Pressing the delete key after selecting multiple slides will delete all selected slides.

Editing PowerPoint presentation by Moving Slides

You may want to change the order at which your slides are arranged in your presentation. To achieve this, you will need to move some slides in your presentation.

To move slides around in your presentation, you can simply drag and drop the slide where you want it to be. When dragging the slide, watch out for the insertion point that looks like a vertical or horizontal line, depending on your PowerPoint view, the position of the line indicates where your moving slide will appear.

When you have many slides to move around, the most convenient way to get your presentation properly sorted and organised is switching your PowerPoint View to the Slide Sorter view.

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