Ms PowerPoint Tutorial: Switching PowerPoint Presentation View

PowerPoint presentation view reading

Microsoft PowerPoint offers you four different types of Presentation view to see your presentation look and feel. Each of the four PowerPoint presentation view available in Microsoft PowerPoint has its advantages over the others.

The default Presentation view in Microsoft PowerPoint is the normal view. This implies that when you start Microsoft PowerPoint if the Presentation view has not been changed before, it should display in Normal View by default. Note that PowerPoint also has Masters View which is different from PowerPoint Presentation View

Changing PowerPoint Presentation View

There are two main places from which you can change your Presentation View; using the Presentation View on the View Tab, or the Presentation view icons located at the bottom-right of your workspace next to the zoom slider.

You can also switch between showing Slides and show Slides Outline while in Normal View by clicking the corresponding tab on top your slides thumbnails on the left side panel:

To change your PowerPoint Presentation View using the View Tab, Click the View Tab on your PowerPoint Ribbon, select the view you which to activate in the Presentation Views Menu on the View Tab Menu. See image. Or select the corresponding button at the bottom of your workspace.

PowerPoint presentation viewWhy switch between different PowerPoint Presentation View modes

Each of the Presentation View available in PowerPoint is for specific purposes and you will enjoy your presentation experience and work faster when you learn when and how to apply a particular view. Below is my opinion of each view and where best I think you need each one.

Normal View

PowerPoint presentation view normalNormal view is the default view for PowerPoint Presentation, in this view mode, you easily edit your slide and add additional slides. The Normal view mode, allows you to view thumbnails of your presentations on the side while working on the selected slide, such that you can easily select and switch to any slide you wish to edit or design.

Slide Sorter View

PowerPoint presentation view sorterThe Slide Sorter view mode displays your slides in thumbnail tabs across the screen.  This makes it easy to sort and organize the order of your slides when working on your presentation. You can only switch to this view mode for the purpose of sorting your slide, as this view mode will make it difficult to edit a slide. Note that double-clicking any of the slides in this view mode will switch your view back to the Normal view mode.

Notes Page

PowerPoint presentation view notesNotes Page View allows you to view and edit the speakers note attached to each slide. Double-clicking on the slide in this view mode also returns you to the normal view mode.

Reading View

PowerPoint presentation view readingReading view allows you to view your slide in full-screen mode, just like a slideshow presentation. While in the reading view mode, you can only view or read the slide as they display on the screen. Just as the name implies, the reading mode is purely for reading and proofing the slide to ensure they meet the view you expect when running the presentation.

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