Using Ms Word Spelling and Grammar Tool

ms word spelling and grammar tool 4

Every document you prepare is a record. In some cases, these records are kept for future references. It is not only embarrassing to publish a document with misspelled words and bad grammars. It also distorts the message and in some cases could result in huge losses. Ms Word Spelling and Grammar tool help to make sure your documents are error free.
Microsoft Word comes with a standard dictionary with spellings and grammar. This is to ensure that each word you type is appropriate and match the sentence construction.

Although these tools exist in Ms Word, many users don’t know how to explore the various options. In this tutorial, I will show you how to ensure your documents are error-free using the Ms Word Spelling and Grammar tool.

Checking Ms Word Spelling and Grammar Automatically

By default, Ms Word is configured to check spellings and grammar as you type. When a word is misspelled, Ms Word Spelling and Grammar tool indicate it with a red underline. To correct a misspelled word, right click the underlined word. See the available options and choose the most appropriate spelling.

When a grammar is bad, it is indicated with a green underline. To correct the bad grammar, right-click the underlined sentence. Choose the most appropriate from the available suggestions.

There are some suggestions you might not find suitable for your document. If you prefer to keep the underlined word ignoring the suggestions, select ignore in the option box.

Checking Spelling and Grammar Manually

You may want to complete your typing before checking spelling and grammar. Or you may have a large volume of text you want to cross check the spellings manually. To manually check spellings and grammar in Ms Word, click Review to open the review menu tab. On the review menu tab that opens, click Spelling & Grammar. The Ms Word spelling and grammar dialog box is then displayed.

ms word spelling and grammar tool 1

In the spelling and grammar dialog box, note that the misspelled word is highlighted in a red colour. The suggestions are given in the box below the spelling box. And the available options are:

Ignore Once:- Ignore the selected Word and moves to the next

Ignore all: Ignores all correction in the document

Add to Dictionary: Add the selected word to your Ms Word Spelling and Grammar dictionary.

Change: replaces the misspelled word with the selected option from the suggestions and moves to the next.

AutoCorrect: Automatically corrects all misspelled words in the document.

Check Spelling and Grammar Automatically

Microsoft Word can flag misspelled words and wrong grammars as you type. This way, you can easily locate them. Right clicking on a misspelled word, will bring up the suggestion menu.

ms word spelling and grammar tool 2

On the suggestion menu, there are several options: matching words, ignoring the word. You can also add it to your the dictionary as a new word.

Turning Off Automatic Spelling and Grammar Checking

By default, automatic spelling and grammar checking is turned on. However, you may want to turn off automatic spelling and grammar checking. Especially when you are working on a document with many non-English words.

To turn off automatic spelling and grammar checking,

Click the File Menu > Help > Options > Proofing.

ms word spelling and grammar tool 3

On the Dialog box, check the two checkboxes at the bottom. See image for details.