All you need to know about Web Hosting before buying that Hosting Account

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hosting account featureIf you are new in the blogging community, some questions keep running through your mind. When you want to setup a site for the first time. The question of what do I need to startup? And when you do your research, you come across domain name, domain hosting, web design and web hosting. You get confused the more. In my own experience, I had thought buying a domain was all I needed. But later on, I realized I needed three items. The items where; purchasing a domain name, purchasing a hosting account and going for a web designer. It took me time to get all these ideas, so to help newbie bloggers, I felt I should detail out what web hosting is all about. Why it is necessary to have a hosting account and where to get one that will ensure you succeed online.

Using a farm as an example your website is like your farm which consists of a path (road) to the farm and a parcel of land which is the farmyard itself. Again there are contents like plants, live stocks and other items in the farm.

Relating this to website and hosting, your domain name or URL is like that path that leads to your farmyard. While the farmyard itself is your hosting account where the content of your site lives. The content of your site consists of your website design and future updates. I hope this makes hosting very clear.

Why do I need a hosting account or can I host a website without a hosting account?

Before you can host any website, you must have a hosting account. So the answer is no you can’t host a website without a hosting account. Your web pages (website content) needs a place of storage, hence the need for a hosting account. Your hosting account stores your web pages on its servers.

However, there are some free hosting servers, like google blogger, and a host of others. But they all come with limitations on what you can do with them. This is why you need to buy your own hosting account and be at liberty to host your web pages without limitations.

Factors you should consider before purchasing a hosting account

Your hosting account is like a vehicle that contains and conveys your goods and services across the internet. To ensure that your goods and services reach their destination on time, you have to consider the following factors before purchasing a hosting account.

Server Speed: Considering the competitive nature of the internet business and the busy nature of this era, server speed is very crucial to the success of your online business. So before you buy hosting from a web host, try finding out the speed of the servers, they are offering. Though it’s not easy to determine this, asking one or two question online and reading reviews could be of help. Note that many hosting companies review themselves in disguise or pay people to do so. For this reason, you must be extra vigilant when buying a hosting account. One way to come to terms with this is weighing in on many opinions and looking for real users and weighing their opinion against the general opinion, visit blog site and read articles.

Server Up and Down Time: It is not just irritating when someone hit on a URL to your website, and he gets a message with an X mark on the screen stating that the said website is not reachable. He then checks his/her internet connection and finds out that it is active. He moves on to hit the URL of another website and it opens up, implying that your website is down at that moment because your web host server is down. Your visitor is turned away and many others that would have come to your site that moment and probably bring others along.

Server uptime is a very important factor to consider when purchasing a hosting account. You should try as much as possible to purchase hosting from a hosting company that can guarantee maximum uptime on their servers.

Cpanel Design: Your Hosting Account Cpanel is where you do most of the jobs of setting up your website. Therefore you should try to have a peep into how the Cpanel looks before purchasing your hosting account. The Cpanel should be sleek and intuitive, loaded with the features you need to run your website. Some hosting companies Cpanel does not allow you to install some blogging software like; WordPress, Magento and others, as a result of this most times, you are constrained to hiring a website designer to build your web pages for you. To avoid the extra cost of hiring a website builder, you should ensure your hosting company has the features you will need to setup your site on their Cpanel before buying their hosting.

Hidden Cost: Most people rush into purchasing a hosting account based on cost. Mostly when the hosting company displays a lower than the others price, caution when you notice a hosting company is offering a very low price, there are issues you must deal with before rushing to take such an offer. While some offers may be genuine, some are not as they claim. There might be hidden charges, such that before your term elapsed you have paid more than the normal price. A kind of booby trap to get unsuspecting buyers in.

Some Hosting company you can bet on anytime


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hosting account ipageAnother Hosting company you might want to consider is Ipage, it is also managed by the owners of Bluehost, the Endurance International Group (EIG). Ipage has been on since 1998, quite a long time you may say. Well, Ipage promises cheap hosting, an average server uptime, a robust customer service and a very fast server speed. Click here to buy hosting from Ipage now.


hosting account namecheapNameCheap is popularly known for its domain hosting, being one of the best domain marketing firms out there, NameCheap also boasts of a robust hosting service. Like the name implies, their hosting service is cheap when purchased together with a domain name and all the other features they offer. The beautiful aspect of it is the ability to get everything you need online at NameCheap i.e. Domain name, Webhosting, SSL etc.

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